Surfing Zumaia

Surfing Zumaia is located just a few metres from Itzurun beach, one of the most impressive beaches on the Basque coastline, surrounded by a unique environment. The surf school has the perfect facilities for surfing, bodyboarding and paddle boarding: showers, changing rooms, lockers and toilets, all of which are especially important in the winter for these types of activities in the great outdoors. The activities are all related to the sea and our beach, or the Urola river. We offer one-and-a-half-hour surfing classes. We go bodyboarding on Itzurun beach and normally go to the river for paddle boarding.

Our classes range from beginner to advanced, as we have qualified teachers for each type of class, including Imanol Yeregi.  The aims of our classes can be summarised as follows: that our students enjoy surfing and feel relaxed in the sea, that they become familiar with and know how to correctly use the right equipment to start out in the world of surfing, that they gain confidence in the sea and on different types of waves, that they practise different paddling techniques and manage to stand up on the surfboard and that they always respect and take care of nature and the environment.

As a company, we want to pass on values to our students, who are generally children, so that they respect and value our beach and our environment.


Neoprene, surfboard accessories, surfboards, paraffin, boots, bodyboards, paddle boards, paddle board paddles

Activity area

  • Basque Coast Geopark
  • Itzurun beach
  • Zumaia river


English, Spanish and Basque


We have a changing room adapted to the needs of people with reduced mobility in order to be able to offer tailored surf lessons.


From €25-€45 per person

Quality and/or sustainability practices & awards

  • Member of Geopark and SICTED.

Company’s commitment to conservation of biodiversity and local development

  • Collaborate with the sustainable clothing company Bask Brand
  • Clear rubbish from Algorri beach, carried out and organised by Jon Kareaga.  With the help of our paddle boards, we went from Itzurun beach to Algorri beach in order to pick up the rubbish that had accumulated there and be able to clean the FLYSCH section of Zumaia.
  • In our water classes, we teach students to value the environment and at the end of every lesson we try to clear the rubbish left on the beach and throw it in the nearest bin. We believe that it is essential to teach young people to do this, as they are the new generation in which change is possible.
  • The surf camp project in which we work with children aged 6-12, doing different projects including teaching them about the species around us on our coast. To do this, we go to Algorri and show them different species and how they live. In addition, we use diving masks to show them all the plastic and waste that gets caught on our seabed and we try to take this rubbish to the nearest bin


Polígono Larretxo, nº 18, Bajo

20750 Zumaia, Gipuzkoa

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