The Ecotourism Club in Spain

The Ecotourism Club in Spain is a pioneering initiative that offers sustainable ecotourism experiences, ensuring the traveler his contribution to the local development and to the conservation of biodiversity in the protected areas he visits and in the tourist services he enjoys.

Tourist destinations and companies which belong to the Ecotourism Club in Spain comply with the environmental requirements established by the European Charter of Sustainable Tourism in the Protected Areas of the EUROPARC Federation and similar systems in the Biosphere Reserves and Geoparks, offering authentic and memorable experiences linked to the natural and cultural heritage.

These systems are based on:

  • Active management for conservation of the protected area
  • Planning of sustainable tourism based on participation and two main objectives: conservation and local development.
  • Communication and cooperation between the different local stakeholders
  • Training businesses on the values of the protected area, conservation activities and environmental management.
  • Complying with minimum requirements of quality and sustainability (destination and businesses).
  • Formal partnerships between the tourism businesses and the protected areas based on mutual commitments to improve tourism sustainability.
  • Designing authentic ecotourism products based on discovering natural and cultural values, including interpretation, developed by local businesses, offering local products…

Under the brand name and the portal of the Club  you may find:

  • Protected areas throughout Spain which stand out for their landscapes and for implementing a sustainable tourist plan.
  • Professional and high quality accommodation and tourist service companies, which collaborate with the protected areas, supporting the conservation and the local development.
  • Experiences and various activities suitable for all ages and interests, to enjoy while discovering the spaces (birdwatching, wildwatching, hiking, cycling, cultural activities, local gastronomy, etc.)


The Association – The Manager Entity

The Association of Ecotourism in Spain (AES) is a non-profit organization created in 2010. It is state run and welcomes ecotourism entrepreneurs located in protected natural areas (PNA). Collaborates with public tourism authorities, environment and rural development to encourage and promote the product “Ecotourism in Spain” with sustainability criteria.

AES manages the Ecotourism Club in Spain ( ) and is focused on sustainable development of Spanish Ecotourism destinations. It is the first statewide association that brings together tourism businesses associations committed to sustainability and working in cooperation with the protected areas. The Association represents more than 700 businesses. Since 2013 one of its main duties is managing the “Ecotourism in Spain Club” so it has developed several promotional tools and activities:

  • A commercial brand: Ecotourist in Spain
  • A web portal:
  • A Marketing Plan.
  • Promotional actions: Travel fairs, specialized magazines, media, social networks, and contact with tour operator.




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