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Discover the Natural and National Park of Sierra Nevada

All three of us are nature lovers, especially of the Sierra Nevada National and Natural Park. Discover with us the unique natural and cultural heritage of the Sierra Nevada and its villages. Our range of activities is adapted to the needs and preferences of the groups that visit us: associations, clubs, educational centers, companies, etc. We are specialized in both interpretative hiking routes and cultural routes. But we also carry out night sky observations, climbing, orienteering activities, and snowshoeing in the Puerto de la Ragua. In an easy and fun way, we approach environmental education and the history and customs of the villages and their people. Choosing the most significant itineraries and activities that bring us closer to the past makes us understand the present and contribute to conservation.

Accreditations, Standards (Quality, Sustainability)

  • European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Natural Areas
  • Sierra Nevada National Park Information Point

Areas where it operates

We work mainly in the Sierra Nevada National and Natural Park and its area of socio-economic influence. We also carry out activities in other protected natural areas in the provinces of Almería and Granada.


Spanish, English, German, French, Turkish.


From €8 to €15 per person, depending on the activity. A minimum number of participants required.


  • Binoculars
  • Guides
  • Technical material necessary for the correct development of the activities
  • Bivouac cover
  • First aid kit

Commitment to biodiversity conservation and local development

In addition to the basic requirements of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, our company has additionally undertaken up to 10 voluntary commitments to improve our offer and our connection to the protected natural area, to improve our environmental performance, and to support local development and heritage conservation.

Among them are these examples:

  • To carry out periodic cleanings of trails and nearby areas.
  • Translating the “Responsible Behaviour” leaflets of the Sierra Nevada National Park into German.
  • Translating the brochure of the “Casa de las Godoyas” in Fondón into German.


C/Covadonga, 4

E-04470 Laujar de Andarax, Almería

Coordinates: 36.9927213º / -2.8982897º




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