The Alpujarra of Almeria in Sierra Nevada: from the forest to the desert

About the destination

The Sierra Nevada National and Natural Park occupies a large part of the heart of the Baetic Ranges, the southernmost alpine range in Europe.

The National Park is characterized by high peaks, old glacial cirques, ridges, mountain meadows, and small lakes. Here you can find around 80 endemic plant species, the largest populations of the Iberian ibex and the Golden eagle and a great historical and cultural legacy. The Natural Park occupies the middle-mountain and low-mountain areas around the National Park. Small mountain villages have been settled on the slopes for hundreds of years.

The Alpujarra region is located on the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada. The difficulty in accessing this remote area has allowed their landscape, architecture and lifestyle to be preserved. For centuries, La Alpujarra has attracted travellers, drawn by its combination of unique architecture and rural culture, a legacy that goes back to  the medieval Moorish settlement in Andalusia

Ecotourism experiences

The National Park is well known for its wide variety of hiking and trekking routes. Your local host will help you to explore the countryside and discover the best routes in the area. 

One of these guided trails goes through oak forests in Loma Raspa and continues on the path called “La Hidroeléctrica”, an old water channel that supplied water to the small power station.

Another hiking route follows old trails with magnificent views along narrow footpaths next to the irrigation channel network. You will discover the miracle of water management in the area, the ancient “acequias” system that drives the water from the mountain to the villages. The route will take you through a forest of centenary chestnut trees, where you can take fantastic snapshots, especially in fall!

In the eastern part of the Sierra Nevada, a totally different landscape is waiting for you. Here is where the Alpujarra opens to the desert of Almeria with the contrasting colours of its red canyons, mud flows, and the so-called fairy chimney: a real natural wonder!

For further information and bookings 

You can live this experience together with our local ecotourism host. Please enquire to Ecoturismo Granada AV on +34 666 405 811 or by email at to check availability and your preferred dates.

This experience is part of the 2022 Ecotourism Escapes Brochure (only in Spanish)

The Ecotourism Club in Spain groups together destinations and companies which guarantee, by fulfilling a series of requirements, their commitment to conservation and local sustainable development.  That is why it has created its own brand “Ecotourist in Spain” and the website, where you can find protected areas, accommodation and companies which offer their tourism services, as well as experiences and activities committed to the preservation of the area in which they take place.


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