Ambroz-Cáparra, place of contrasts in the north of Extremadura


The Ambroz-Cáparra tourist destination, located in the northern lands of Extremadura, covers 23 municipalities, 8 in the Ambroz region and 15 in the Trasierra-Tierras de Granadilla region. A destination that captivates locals and tourists alike, where the flow of cultures has left a rich heritage legacy from the mountains to the dehesa, where gorges, natural pools, green paradises, starry skies and historic trails offer a thousand ways to enjoy and take a break from routine with a breath of life.

Almost 49% of the territory is under some form of regional or European environmental protection, with an important set of natural areas and environmental resources resulting from the wide diversity of ecosystems and landscapes: mountains, sierras, plains, dehesas, rivers, reservoirs and large areas of woodland that give rise to a large and varied number of natural species and areas suitable for the development of ecotourism and sports activities. In addition to these natural spots, there is also a rich historical heritage, reflected in the millennia-old routes of the Romans and Celts, such as the Vía de la Plata, or resources such as Granadilla, Cáparra, the Jewish quarter of Hervás and the Castañar district in Baños de Montemayor. 

Plus, there is a number of high-quality accommodations and restaurants available, offering local cuisine with several establishments recommended by the Michelin guide, and a wide range of leisure activities.

Protected areas:

Red Natura 2000:

  • ZEPA Embalse Gabriel y Galán
  • ZEC Granadilla
  • ZEC Sierra de Gredos y Valle del Jerte
  • SAC Alagón and Jerte rivers
  • SAC Sierras de Risco Viejo

Unique trees:

  • Unique Birch Tree of the Port of Honduras (Gargantilla)
  • Unique Tree Alcornoque de la Fresneda (Aldeanueva del Camino)
  • Unique Chestnut Tree Temblar (Segura de Toro)
  • Unique Chestnut Tree Corbiche and Marotera (Casas del Monte)
  • Unique Tree – Acarreadero Oak (Cabezabellosa)
  • Unique Tree – Granadilla Elm
  • Protected Landscape Mount Public “Castañar gallego” (Hervás)

Commitment to sustainable tourism

  • The Valle del Ambroz won the Health and Wellness Tourism category (2019) within the EDEN initiative that promotes sustainable tourism development models in the European Union
  • In terms of habitable biodiversity, the Ambroz-Cáparra destination stands out for the sustainable management of its magnificent natural and cultural resources.
  • The Magic Autumn in the Ambroz Valley is a Festival of National Tourist Interest organized by the Local Action Group DIVA with a strong environmental content. In 2018, she was a finalist for the European Natura 2000 Awards in the socioeconomic benefits category.
  • The Ambroz-Cáparra Valley destination participates in the Ambroz-Cáparra Tourism Sustainability Plan, one of the objectives of which is to implement an environmental sustainability brand in the territory and to train business and technical staff in sustainability.
  • The companies that provide experiences in the territory are committed to sustainability and the implementation of the SDGs and encourage visitors to experience the destination responsibly.


Cáceres, Extremadura

Further information

Asociación para el Desarrollo Integral del Valle del Ambroz


Ceder Cáparra 


Turismo Destino Ambroz-Cáparra


Ecotourism in Ambroz-Cáparra

The exceptional natural treasures of the Ambroz-Cáparra Valley, together with its culture, traditions, cuisine, and tourist attractions, offer a wide range of possibilities to enjoy ecotourism in all its varieties, including guided tours with local companies that allow visitors to discover:

  • The local fauna and flora.
  • The gastronomic landscapes of the dehesa and the olive groves of the Manzanilla Cacereña olive.
  • Natural landscapes with viewpoints at sky level such as the Búho viewpoint in Cabezabellosa or the Canchal de la Cigüeña in Segura de Toro.
  • Singular routes and trails through protected environments such as the Castañar Gallego public forest, vernacular architecture such as wine presses or snowfields and along historic roads such as the Vía de La Plata or the Vía Verde Ruta de La Plata on a bike tour.
  • The Gabriel y Galán and Baños de Montemayor reservoirs with boat or canoe rides.
  • Starry skies through astrotourism experiences.

The culture and identity of the striking Ambroz-Cáparra..


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