An application on Ecotourism in Spain AVAILABLE NOW!

Ecotourist in Spain, an application to discover ecotourism destinations in the country with Europe’s greatest biodiversity and highest number of protected natural areas.

Sierra Nevada (Granada-Almería), Muniellos-Fuentes del Narcea (Asturias) and the  Villuercas Geopark, Ibores, Jara (Cáceres) inaugurate the content of this brand new application developed by the Ecotourism in Spain Club.


You can find a video summarising the app launch event HERE

App available online, App Store and Google Play:

A new application, “Ecotourist in Spain”, has been created with the aim of discovering the possibilites of Ecotourism in Spain and helping travel agencies to get to know this product. It is a free multiplatform app (mobile and fixed devices: web, iOS and Android) in English and Spanish whose aim is to improve the visibility, promotion and commercialisation of Ecotourism in Spain. The app has been developed by TUREBE, governing body of the Ecotourism in Spain Club, within the framework of an innovation project cofinanaced by MINETUR (Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism).

This app is targetted at potential tourists interested in enjoying ecotourism experiences in Spain, and at specialist travel agencies, both Spanish and from abroad, so that they can familiarise themselves with this product and offer it to their clients. It is a multiplatform App which combines information about our heritage with interactive challenges to encourage travel agents to get to know Spain’s ecotourism destinations and thus aid their commercialisation. Ecotourists and travel agents can also win prizes by completing the challenges in the app’s game. There are 12 video-challenges where you can get to know each destination and enter the competition to win one of the experiences promoted in the Ecotourist in Spain app. You have until 31st October 2015 to enter.

Ecotourist in Spain has information on three protected natural areas at present: Sierra Nevada National and Natural Park (Granada-Almeria),     Muniellos-Fuentes del Narcea Biosphere Reserve (Asturias) and Villuercas Geopark, Ibores, Jara (Cáceres). The app has a marked audiovisual component, which makes it both attractive and intuitive. Thus travellers can get to know these places in depth thanks to the informative nature of the app and so better plan their trips to these three destinations with the knowledge of their natural and cultural values and the ecotourism experiences offered by businesses in the Club.

Being an ecotourist is much more than visiting a protected natural area, it is also having a memoral experience, contributing to the conservation of the place and the well-being of local communities, as is defended by the International Ecotourism Society. This is well known by the protected natural areas and the companies which are members of the Ecotourism in Spain Club. This Club is a pioneering initiative set up by the protected areas and tourism companies (guides, activities, accommodation, restaurants) which have been selected for their commitment to sustainability and collaboration with the natural areas.

The aim is to guarantee attractive and trustworthy natural tourism, which also contributes to local conservation and development. In fact, this product has been identified as strategic for Spain in several sectorial plans: Integral National Tourist Plan 2012-2015, Integral Rural Tourism Plan 2014 and Sectorial Plan for Nature and Biodiversity Tourism  (RD 416/2014).

This app was launched on 17th June at the headquarters of the EFE agency in Madrid, to coincide with the first anniversary of the approval of the Sectorial Plan for Nature and Biodiversity. The launch was presided over by Jacob Petrus, presenter of the RTVE programme “Aquí la Tierra”, with the participation of Monserrat  Fernández , deputy director of the National Parks Autonomous Organisation, Juan Manuel  Penín, director of Institutional Relations at the National Society for Management of Innovation and Tourist Technologies (SEGGITUR),  José Antonio Montero, vice president of TUREBE, Enrique Lancis, Director of Business Development and New Technologies at SEGITTUR,  Amanda Guzmán, Director of TUREBE and José María Cáceres, representing Lacq Consulting which developed the app.

Representatives of the businesses in the Club, natural areas, environmental foundations and associations among others were also present at the launch.

Further Information:

Amanda Guzmán

Director of  TUREBE

Club de Ecoturismo en España

0034 91 510 05 05 / 0034 620 228 505


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