Arbela Apartamentuak

Arbela Apartamentuak

Arbela Apartamentuak is located in the municipality of Aia at the foot of the Andatza mountain, in a beautiful spot of Atlantic countryside with a small txakoli winery and its own vineyards.

It consists of two individual apartments in a 19th century farmhouse with all the latest comforts. Given it’s isolated location, it’s worth turning off the outside lights when night falls and looking up at the sky to see the stars on moonless nights. You’re guaranteed to hear owls hooting.

We began renovating the building in 2020, transforming the cellar annex and converting it into two lodgings. We gave a lot of importance to respecting the work of the previous builders when carrying out this work, combining it with the latest regulations and developments.

The apartments have:

  • 2 and 3 bedrooms
  • Fully-equipped kitchen (dishwasher, seating area, flat-screen TV, washing machine)
  • Private bathroom with a shower and hair dryer

Type of accommodation

Rural apartments


2 and 3 rooms / maximum capacity 11 people


  • Pagoeta Natural Park
  • Zumaia Flysch
  • Oria river
  • Mount Hernio
  • Gipuzkoa coast


Adapted for people with reduced mobility


From €155 to €275, depending on the season


Spanish, Basque, English, French

Quality and/or sustainability practices & awards

Company certified by the Ecotourism Club in Spain

Company’s commitment to conservation of biodiversity and local development

Arbela Apartamentuak is strongly committed to the conservation of biodiversity and local development through actions such as:

  • We take part in bird and bat studies with the Aranzadi Science Society and keep 30 hectares of land unspoilt. These include Atlantic meadows, gorse thickets and native oak and beech forests, where it is very common to observe wildlife ranging from the most colourful insects to mammals, as well as a wide variety of birds.
  • We tell our guests where they can buy local products directly from the producer or where they can taste them as the basis of traditional Basque cuisine.


Arbela apartamentuak – Zipiotegi Baserria, Santio erreka, 5 – 20809 AIA (Gipuzkoa)

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