Astronomical dinners in Cabanyes entre valls

Do you like the stars? Do you want to learn about the fascinating world of astronomy? From Cabanyes entre valles we offer you astronomical dinners at the hands of Vinpertour!

Come and discover the secrets of the universe with a sink dinner in our restaurant and with an astronomy workshop that includes a spectacular audiovisual and the contemplation of the moon, the planets and the galaxies with a high-end telescope. All public.



  • 1h30min
  • Start time: 8:30 p.m


  • 30€ per person

Group size

Minimum 6 and maximum 18 people

Time of the year

  • First Saturday night of every month


Spanish, Catalan, English, French


  • Pica-pica dinner in Cabanyes between valleys
  • Astronomical observation
  • Possibility of accommodation according to availability

Does not include

  • Does not include what is not specified in the previous section

Commitments to biodiversity conservation and local development

  • At Cabanyes entre Valls we have a strong commitment to the environment that surrounds us both from an economic point of view: the vast majority of suppliers are self-employed or small craft companies in the area, we hire people at risk of exclusion, among many other actions.
  • From an environmental point of view, since our cabins are built in a natural forest, respecting the environment, a part of the farm is classified as a unique forest.
  • The techniques and materials chosen for the construction of the cabins cause the least impact and are built on live trees without damaging them. They have good insulation based on recycled cotton and are heated with pellet stoves.
  • In the case of the common area, it is heated with a wood boiler, coming from the farm, the water we use throughout the year comes from a well.


  • Cabanyes entre valls
  • Mas Espunya s/n
  • 17813 Vall de Bianya

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