Azimut Sur

Azimut Sur

Azimut Sur provides environmental education activities and interpretive tours to groups and schools, working to promote the natural and cultural values of Granada Geopark, as well as the other Natural Parks in Andalusia. 

We also offer active tourism and multi-adventure activities at low, medium and high altitudes, like canyoning, climbing, mountain biking and mountaineering.


Our activities include all the necessary equipment to make the most of the experience: 

  • Guides
  • Snowshoes 
  • Poles 
  • Ice axes
  • Helmets
  • Crampons

Activity area

  • Geopark of Granada
  • Sierra de Baza Natural Park


Some of our activities can be adapted for people with functional diversity


  • Interpretive tours: from €10 
  • 3-day trips: from €170


Spanish and English

Quality and/or sustainability practices & awards

Company certified by the Ecotourism Club in Spain

Company’s commitment to conservation of biodiversity and local development

Our company is acutely aware of the importance of the environment and we are fully committed to conserving local biodiversity: 

  • We’re working on a project on the Sustainable Development Goals, which we have included in our work philosophy, sharing this information with our school groups and clients. 
  • Locally, we manage our area’s Environmental Education Programme, teaching people about the environment and protection of natural resources and heritage.
  • In all our activities we dedicate part of our explanations to clients on the importance of protecting and conserving the places they’ll visit as part of the activities. 
  • We’ve partnered with several companies in the area, supporting and creating projects such as the 1st Hiking and Gastronomy Programme in the Granada Geopark, in which we visit all the wineries in the area in a sustainable manner: doing an interpretive tour on foot.
  • We promote local products, offering food tasting experiences with wine from local companies.


Callejón 1º De la Cruz,Nº 12 – Guadix

Contact information

  • Tel.: 662 518 554 / 619 533 497
  • Email:
  • Web:




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