Barraca Vilbor – Delta del Ebro

In the heart of the Delta del Ebro and surrounded by rice fields is the Barraca Vilbor, a traditional construction made of mud, reeds and vegetable roof, that dates back to 1999 and was one of the first experiences in recovering these ancestral homes of the ancient inhabitants of the Delta. The huts, simple, resistant and functional, keep a great environmental and landscape balance with the natural environment of the Delta, from where the materials for its construction are obtained. La Barraca Vilbor offers all the comfort of a conventional house with the charm of tradition and the proximity of nature. It has three double bedrooms and it’s surrounded by a large garden with native trees and plants. From the house opens a wide range of possibilities to explore the area by bicycle, discover the deserted beaches of the Delta, walk through the lagoons full of birds and contemplate the changing rice fields depending on the seasons.


Partida del Cementiri, Poligon 18, Parcel·la 25

43877 Sant Jaume d’Enveja Tarragona


  • European Charter for Sustainable Tourism
  • Information point of the Delta del Ebro Natural Park.


The Delta del Ebro is the largest wetland in Catalonia, where more than 350 species of birds live stably or pass through. Flamenco, with a large stable colony, has become one of its symbols. The Delta is an ideal place to be knowed by bicycle, a wide network of trails allows you to get closer to lagoons and wetlands where countless species live. River, ditches, beaches, sea, dunes, rice fields … this territory is formed by a melting pot of landscapes that create a rich, fragile and changing natural universe. It is worth knowing it at different times of the year, since the delta changes its colors and smells with the change of seasons: from green to golden, from a sea of ​​water to the finished earth, the rice works pervade everything . The great lagoons of the Delta, it is worth the tours around to capture the immensity of the animal life they harbor, the view of the island of Buda -requires special permission- the walks on the vast and deserted beaches, are some of the incentives.


Catalan, Spanish, English and French

Number of rooms

3 rooms / 6 people

Further information

  • Free Wi-Fi (wireless internet)
  • Free parking area
  • Garden
  • BBQ


Accessible housing.


From 100 € / night full house for two people

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