Begi Bistan – Costa Vasca

Geoparque Costa Vasca

Begi Bistan works with nature, culture and leisure, offering environmental, cultural and leisure based activities for a very varied public. Our aim is to create unique and attractive experiences, with lots to do.

The company is made up of a group of professionals specialised in creating touristic experiences unique in the Basque country, guaranteeing the high quality of our services. We are a multidisciplinary team, specialised in different areas:  nature, culture, navigation, leisure, gastronomy etc.

This enables us to offer a fully integrated service, complementing both the interpretation of the natural surroundings and their historical artistic background, including all the areas and giving a more complete and attractive picture which links up natural and cultural values. This provides a better understanding of our environment and our characteristics as a people.

We plan, develop and create different kinds of activities both in urban and natural surroundings within the Basque Coast Geopark (Zumaia, Deba, Mutriku):

  • Guided tours by boat, on foot and in kayak, to the most important zones of the Geopark Flysch.
  • Tailored activities. Choose the day and the hour, and do the activity to suit you!
  • Begi Bistan Nomade: Half day or full day activities, with option of pick-up at your accommodation.  Guided tours in van to the «Geo-txokos» – eating places unique to the Basque country.


Meeting Point Flysch

Itzurun Nº 1, Bajo – Zumaia (Guipúzcoa – País Vasco – Spain)

Areas where it operates

Basque Coast

Accreditations, Standards (Quality, Sustainability)

  • A collaborative partner of the Basque Coast Geopark
  • Committed to Integrated Quality Management in Spanish Tourist Destinations (SICTED)


Basque, English, French. All other languages with simultaneous translator


Guided tours:

  • Guided boat trips from 15€/per person (private)
  • Georoute on foot from 10€/ per person (private)
  • Trips in Kayak/ Sup from 16€/ per person

Consult prices for groups.


We are committed to all the projects that we manage.  We use our own equipment, consisting of:

  • 4 boats with capacity for 167 persons
  • 30 double kayak, with capacity for 60 persons
  • Sup and Big Sup, for up to 26 persons.

Furthemore, at the time of the visits, we have at hand a vast supply of material to facilitate the understanding of the concepts explained: charts, guidebooks, fossils, maps…


We try to make all our activities inclusive.

We have specialist guides and adapted equipment for practically all the activities we offer.

*It is important that we are informed beforehand of the type of functional diversity involved so that we can make the necessary arrangements and design the activity to each person’s needs.

Commitment to biodiversity conservation and local development

As well as the certificates of quality, within the framework of corporative social responsibility (RSC) spurred by active and voluntary contributions towards environmental improvement, the philosophy we share in Bagi Bistan is that of LEAVING NO SIGN, that is to say, to give the impression that we haven’t been through the territory in which we have carried out an activity. In every single trip we make this very clear.

Apart from Leaving No Sign, we are active participants in the COGE3 initiative, (Pick up 3), which proposes that each person who carries out an activity in the open picks up three pieces of litter, photographs it and shares it in their social media, either on Facebook or Twitter.




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