It is home to many threatened fauna species such as Iberian imperial Eagle, black vulture and black stork, and more than 1.000 different Mediterranean flora species . 100 kinds of trees and bushes form a dense mount where deers and roe deers take refuge.
Magnificient geological example of the Cambrian with important fossil deposits which have the more extensive trilobite prints in Europe.
Large plains as the result of erosion and well-preserved natural landscapes from the Middle Ages  to XIX century.
In this area we can find some of the most large hunting  estates in Spain, with abundant deers and other big game species.
The estate of Cabañeros , upon the time one of the largest properties of the Country, was declared National Park thanks to an active conservationist campaign, which avoided that it became a military firing range.

Kind of Area
National Park.

Commitment to sustainable tourism
Accredited / awarded  with the European Charter of Sustainable Tourism.

Toledo and Ciudad Real (Castilla-La Mancha).

Contact and information
Tel.: 926 783 297

Official Website National Park of Cabañeros:


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