Casa de Aldea el Torrexón

Casa de Aldea el Torrexón

El Torrexón is a two-triskeles rural guesthouse (hotel quality rating from one to three triskeles) located in the Redes Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve at the Ruta del Alba trailhead, which was declared a NATURAL monument in 2001.

It constitutes a stable that maintains the original stone and a building based on the traditional Asturian house, with wood and stone taking centre stage and a gallery on the first floor. It has a small vegetable garden, now a landscaped area with a table and barbecue to enjoy talking with friends over meals in an area surrounded by hórreos (typical Asturian buildings).

It is decorated with several pieces of local significance, such as the chest with carvings of the Camino de Santiago and the glass cabinet on an old Casín cheese-kneading table (a typical cheese in this area with PDO status, considered one of the oldest cheeses in Spain, dating back to Roman times). Other pieces include madreña clogs, handmade lights made with yokes (xugos), etc.

The guesthouse has:

  • Four bedrooms
  • Three bathrooms, one with a bath and bidet and two with showers. 
  • Living room with a log burner
  • Dining room and a fully equipped kitchen

Type of accommodation

  • Rural guesthouse


  • From 6 to 8 places


We are at the heart of the Redes Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve. Places of interest in the surrounding area include:

  • Ruta del Alba trail
  • Deboyu Cave
  • Casa del Agua (House of Water)
  • Beekeeping museum
  • Collegiate church of Santa María la Real de Tanes
  • Madreña clogs museum
  • Park Interpretation Centre
  • Tabayón del Mongayu waterfall
  • Roblón oak tree in Tarna


  • Not adapted for people with limited mobility


  • 198 € IVA included for 6 pax (from 33€ /pax / day)


Spanish, English, French and Asturian language

Quality and/or sustainability practices & awards

Company certified by the Ecotourism Club in Spain

Company’s commitment to conservation of biodiversity and local development

El Torrexón Rural House actively participates in all the activities organised in the area:

  • We work alongside various public and private organisations to recover or maintain our region’s natural and cultural heritage (road maintenance work, gastronomy days, cultural events, etc.). 
  • We have important historical artifacts to highlight the cultural heritage of our area and to help share the park’s traditional activities with our guests, such as the production of madreña clogs and the table for making “quesu casín”, taking advantage of the opportunity to name and recommend a visit to one of the cheese dairies.


C/ El collau 37. Villamorey. Sobrescobio. Asturias. CP 33993

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