Casa Miño

The history of Casa Miño dates back to 1972, when the current owner’s father first opened the restaurant. 10 years later, in 1982, the hostel was opened as the first establishment in Somiedo to offer en-suite rooms.

In 1992, the owner’s son took over as manager of the business and, 4 years later in 1996, he opened the first hotel in Somiedo, which offered 15 rooms. Later on, in 2006, 5 rural apartments were added. The latest improvements consisted of the full renovation of the restaurant in 2018, with a complete change of aesthetic, but maintaining the traditional Asturian cuisine. Typical dishes such as the Asturian fabada (bean stew), Pote de Berzas (a stew made using cabbage from the allotment) and stuffed onions are still hits on the menu, making the most of local products.

The rural hotel is located in the centre of the capital of Somiedo, Pola de Somiedo. It is a pleasant, mountain-style building nestled in the heart of the Somiedo Natural Park, just a few metres from the Park’s Interpretation Centre. This is where guests can obtain information about the activities and routes available in the Park.

The hotel offers 15 comfortable rooms that stand out for their elegant, rustic style, equipped with:

  • Bathroom
  • TV
  • Heating

Services and facilities

  • Housekeeping service
  • Wifi area
  • Elevator
  • Living room with fireplace
  • Meeting room
  • Charger electric bikes
  • Bikefriendly
  • Breakfast
  • Catering (vegetarian menu)
  • Communal lounge with self-service area

Type of accommodation

Two star rural hotel with room rental.


  • Nº of rooms: 15
  • Nº of beds: 34


Our establishment is adapted for people with reduced mobility and people in wheelchairs.


Parque Natural y Reserva de la Biosfera de Somiedo

Places of interest in the surrounding area include:

  • Lago del Valle 
  • Lagos de Saliencia
  • Río Pigüeña
  • Río Somiedo 
  • Río del Valle de Saliencia 
  • Valle de Saliencia
  • Brañas de teitos


Average price: €85/night

*Breakfast is included if you book directly with us.


Spanish and English

Distinctions of quality and/or sustainability

System for recognising the sustainability of nature tourism in the Natura 2000 network in the Somiedo SAC.

Commitment to the conservation of biodiversity and local development

At Casa Miño Cesáreo we are committed to conserving biodiversity and local development, which is why we undertake different actions: 

  • The water we provide has undergone a microfiltration process by Aguakmcero, thus reducing the consumption of packaging and allocating a percentage to collaborating with environment and social initiatives.
  • During high season we create around 10 job opportunities, and throughout the rest of the year we maintain 6 job roles with permanent seasonal contracts, offering the local people stable employment.
  • We promote a circular economy, highlighting the sale of meat from the area and supporting local farmers by buying cows and calves, which we then use in our restaurant.
  • We have facilities with the latest aerothermal technology to heat both water and radiators, thus reducing electricity consumption.
  • We used sustainable materials when building the accommodation. 
  • We have installed a composting station in order to manage our organic waste, promoting reduction and taking advantage of natural resources.
  • We no longer use any single-use plastics, which is a crucial step towards sustainability.
  • We prioritise the use of secondary materials and prolong the useful life of our products by way of the use of the 4R’s (recovery, recirculation, repair and recycling).
  • We recycle greywater in order to minimise waste.


Plaza del ayuntamiento, s/n, 33840, Pola de Somiedo (Somiedo)

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