Doñana, an ideal site to enjoy ecotourism

Doñana is a land of contrasts made up of a mosaic of different landscapes, home to a wide variety of animal and plant species. Its size and strategic location make this nature area an important winter destination for migratory birds. Doñana is one of the most important wetland areas in Europe.

The Doñana Nature Area, comprising its Nature Park and National Park, is a true paradise for ornithologists. At the beginning of autumn and throughout the winter thousands of goose and duck species can be seen here following their arrival from Northern Europe. In spring and summer, storks, herons and swallows, amongst other species, arrive from Africa in search of food and milder weather.

  • Foto: Héctor Garrido Guil, Espacio Natural de Doñana

The Doñana Nature Area, Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site, is certificated by the European Charter of Sustainable Tourism. It covers over 108.000 hectares of different ecosystems where nature and leisure, rest and fun, relaxation and science, are all compatible.

This is possible thanks to a tourism offer which is as diverse as it is unique. The services offered by Doñana are a window on nature. It is a natural enclave featuring top-level installations and facilities, but without being detached from its surroundings.

Local business’s commitment to the environment extends to all visitors that enjoy a real ecotourism experience.

The Doñana tourism offer provides a place for relaxation, a family destination, a natural retreat, a gastronomical benchmark, a place for sport and discovery throughout the year. A pleasurable stay in this World Heritage Site is a luxury that is within everyone’s reach.

Enjoy, learn and feel Doñana!

Trips in four wheels drive vehicles with an on-board guide allow visitors to experience dunes and beaches. It is one of the ways of penetrating the heart of the largest marshland in Europe, the lush vegetation, the wildlife habitat, and the Guadalquivir estuary.

Horseback routes are available crossing the marshes and the dunes. Traditional technology can be found in the form of a horse-drawn coach. The scene of classical lance work and breaking-in is the perfect complement.

Another typical scene in Doñana is the caravan of camels in the Matalascañas Dune Park.

Enjoy Doñana, its landscapes, its fauna and flora, its customs and its traditions!

In this amazing territory, a professional activity is developed by a great variety of lodgings, companies of tourist activities in the nature and restaurants. La Association of Nature Tourism Companies (ATENA) is formed out of those companies that currently hold some kind of authorization or concession for the performance of nature tourism activities and ecotourism activities in Doñana, and those that perform activities linked to this kind of tourism and ecotourism within Doñana region.

More information (Spanish): Doñana Natural Area


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