Ebro Delta

The Ebro Delta offers an incomparable, unique and singular frame. It is a landscape of great biological richness that holds a diversity of fauna and flora. With 320 km2, it’s an aquatic habitat of vital importance among Mediterranean wetlands.

Ebro Delta is unique by its physical, geographic and natural reality, but also for its particular traditions, culture, architectural heritage and history.

The landscape of the Ebro Delta has a strong personality. The completely flat lands give a particular aspect. The extensive rice fields, changing with the seasons dominate the appearance of the Ebro delta

But we also found lagoons surrounded by reeds and rushes, large areas of brackish soils and long and deserted beaches with large dune formations.

We can observe birds in all seasons: 70% of the world population of the rare Audouin’s Gull breeds in the Ebro Delta and the exotic flamingo is counted by thousands.

The land, totally flat, makes the bike one of the best ways of transport to cross the Delta, its lagoons, rice fields and viewpoints.

The cooking of Ebro Delta is a reflection of the Mediterranean landscape. A diverse and balanced diet with products from the garden and sea. Some products of most representative quality of the deltaic cuisine are recognized with Protected Designation of Origin, such as rice.

Type of protected area

Natural Park,  SPA, Biosphere and RAMSAR Site

Commitment to sustainable tourism

The Ebro Delta is configured as a sustainable tourism destination thanks to its commitment with the  sustainability, recognized internationally with some distinctives as the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, Destination EDEN and Biosphere Reserve de les Terres de l’Ebre.

This commitment with the sustainability includes a set of actions to promote compatibility between economic, social and aesthetic impact of tourism with mediambiental and cultural integrity of the Ebro Delta.


Tarragona, Cataluña

Further information

Tel.: 0034 977 482 181

E-mail: cetsdelta@gencat.cat ; info@deltadelebreturisme.com

Web: www.gencat.cat/parcs/delta_ebrewww.deltadelebreturisme.com y  www.terresdelebre.travel


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