Ecoespuña S.L.was set up in 1993 aiming at contributing to the sustainable development of the area where its action takes place. Its labour has always been focused on raising awareness among residents and visitors on both the importance of natural and cultural heritage and the integration of biodiversity conservation into rural life and culture.

With us, you can do interpretative hiking and carry out farming activities related to the recovery of old traditions such as “a day with the shepherd” and an afternoon with the baker or enjoy theme routes like “the flowering of the almond tree” or “the nevateros  pathway” (nevateros: old economic activity related to ice trade).


C/ 1º. de mayo, 1 – 1º A. 

30840 Alhama de Murcia, Murcia

Latitude: 37.851054 ;  Longitude: -1.431168

Labels  (quality/sustainability)

European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

Scope of action

Sierra Espuña Regional Park, Barrancos de Gebas Protected Landscape, and other natural areas in the Region of Murcia.


Interpretative hiking. 10€/per person. Groups: 20-50 people.

Farming activities: “A day with the shepherd”, “Pig slaughter”, “an afernoon with the baker”. Price depends on the activity. From 18€/per person. Groups: 20-35 people.

Theme routes: “the flowering of the almond tree'”or “the nevateros  pathway”. 10€/per person. Groups 20-50 people.


Binoculars, telescopes, guides, mountain equipment.

Commitment to conservation of biodiversity/protected area

  • Establishment belonging to the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism
  • Environmental awareness by means of recycling and efficient use of energy and water
  • Collaborates with “Asociación para el Estudio de la Defensa de Sierra Espuña”(APEDSE)


Tel.: 0034 968 636 205 – 0034  639 350 181





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