El Boquerón de Estena

New construction rural house in full rent regime and shared rooms regime. It has 7 double rooms with extra bed , bath room, air conditioning, fridge and bathrobe.

It has also a living room, garden, swimming pool and wifi.

Restaurant for 50 dinners which offers free entry at lunch time;  the rest of the day it ´s  reserved  for clients

It offers home-made meals with local products.


Camino del río, km 1,5
13194 Navas de Estena
Ciudad Real


Adhered to the European Charter of Sustainable Tourism for the Cabañeros National Park


Located very close to the Boquerón del Estena, in the  Cabañeros National Park

Rooms / Capacity

7 double rooms with extra bed


  • Entire house from 840 € /weekend
  • Doublé room: 66 €/night

IVA incl.


  • It has museum that shows a collection of farming implements
  • Didactic hall with fossil exposition and replicas of the biggest  crucians in the world and geologic map.
  • Provides  information  on the Cabañeros National Park
  • Edition of the brochure” Georuta of the Boquerón del Estena” ( geological route)
  • Work together with the Geological and Mining Institute and with CSIC  in organizing  the Geological day ( “ geolodía “) in Ciudad Real.

It ´s participation in the paleontological activities carried out in the county has been officially  recognised by the description of a new species of fossil- brachiopod ( Poralenortis Lolae )in reference to the owner of the accommodation ( lola )  , discovered at the “ pizarras of the Estena “ .

Vegetarian and gluten-free diets are available at the restaurant

Commitment to biodiversity conservation

  • Collaborates with the Aquila Foundation
  • Partners of SEO / BirdLife
  • Collaborates with many solidarity NGO ( Action against hunger and Mamush Association in Etiopía )


Tel.: 609 416 745 / 689 125 108


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