El Hornico

The Environmental Centre El Hornico is located in the mountains, in the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas Natural Park, next to the Bowling Marsh, one of the most beautiful areas of Andalusia. It is ideal for groups of friends, families, mountaineers, associations, etc. It has facilities that are perfectly suited to accommodate groups and develop environmental education training and active tourism activities. The company Aventuras El Hornico has its headquarters in this Centre and offers a wide range of activities.

The facilities consist of a building arranged around a central courtyard with: secretariat, monitors room, common toilets , workshop-rooms, multipurpose room, kitchen and social room. All spaces have underfloor heating and lights.

The hostel has 22 rooms equipped with six bunk spaces (two doubles for disabled people). All bedrooms have a bathroom with toilet, sink and shower.

El Hornico has in the outside a one hectare fenced enclosure with a swimming pool, sports court, football pitch, climbing walls and space for gymkhanas, orientation games, archery … It also has a parking area.

The different services provided are:

  • Accommodation M / P, includes breakfast and lunch or dinner.
  • Accommodation P / C, includes breakfast, lunch and dinner .
  • Accommodation P / C + activities.
  • Rental facilities.
  • Courses, environmental education programs and active tourism.

Type of accomodation
Hostel-style accommodation. Hostal Rural, 1 estrella. Full rent for at least 25 people groups.

Aula de Naturaleza El Hornico
Pantano de la Bolera
23485 Pozo Alcón (Jaén)
Geographic coordinates: 37.7886823º/-2.908274º


  • Company adehered to the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism

El Hornico is located right in the mountains in the biggest protected area of Spain, the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas Natural Park. The trails of interest in the surroundings are:

  • Sabinas Ravine.
  • Agua de Tíscar Cave.
  • Guazalamanco.
  • Path of the fishermen.
  • Cabañas Peak.
  • PR-317 Sabinas Ravine a Guazalamanco.
  • GR 247 SOUTH FOREST Stage 13 Belerda – Aula The Hornico.
  • GR 247 SOUTH FOREST Nature Stage 14 Aula The Hornico – CF Source Steel shelter.

Spanish and English (if required by the group of participants)

136 people. 24 rooms with bathroom (22 room of 6 people and 2 double rooms).

All the facilities are adapted to disabled people.

Prices are approximate, request a quote.

  • Lodging from € 15 to € 21 per person (minimum 25 people)
  • Full board accommodation from € 35 to € 46 per person (minimum 25 people)

Commitment to biodiversity conservation
Collaboration with the Department of the Environment of Jaen, Cazorla Segura and Las Villas Natural Park, partnership development of the region Sierra de Cazorla , associations and City of Pozo Alcon .

The programmes always contain knowledge activities of the landscape and environmental conservation.

Contact details
Phone number: 670657840 / 953124137
E-mail: informacion@elhornico.com
Web: www.elhornico.com


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