Eleizondo Rural Cottage

At a short distance from San Sebastián, Bilbao or Vitoria, the district of Lastur is a part of the Basque Coast Geopark and harbours within it intense events in the history of our land.

ELEIZONDO consists of two semi-detached rural cottages, one for 4 guests and the other for 7, which are let independently and wholesale.  In them you will be able to enjoy nature with the same comforts and amenities you have in your own home: Central heating, double-glazed windows and comfortable and functional furniture.  Eleizondo offers surroundings in which within a few kilometres you go from rocky peaks overlooking the sea to the cliffs of Elorriaga and the coves of Sakoneta.  On the way you pass numerous farmsteads and shrines, the mills and bull enclosures of Lastur, the bulls of the ‘Marquis of Saka’, many caves in which to practise speleology, hills ideal for paragliding, the Sanctuary of Itziar (the oldest Romanesque in Guipuzkoa), or the caves of Ekain (an important cave-painting site).  Lastur has never turned its back on modern times, but occasionally, on the green hilltops and in open country, it feels as if time has stood still.

Our aim is to show you who we are, where we are and how we live, and we organize various activities in order to achieve this.  Horse-riding, horse-therapy, visits to the mills of Lastur, how to make Talo (typical Basque tart), prehistoric games, visits to the caves of Ekain, speleology, trekking, visit to the Flysch of Zumaia and Deba, surf…

Type of accommodation

  • Rural Cottage


  • Basque Coast Geopark (Geoparkea Costa Vasca)
  • Pagoeta Natural Park
  • Flysch Deba Zumaia biotope (protected shoreline)
  • Izarraitz Special Area of Conservation


  • Basque, English

Rooms / Capacity

  • Casa Txikia : 4 guests and 1 extra
  • Casa Haundia: 7 guests and 1 extra


  • Accessible for persons with reduced mobility, auditory and cognitive impairments.
  • Not accessible for blind persons.


  • Casa  Txikia: 140€ / day  (IVA included)
  • Casa Haundia : 170€ / day (IVA included)

Accreditations, Standards (Quality, Sustainability)

  • A collaborative partner of the Basque Coast Geopark
  • Committed to Integrated Quality Management in Spanish Tourist Destinations (SICTED)

Commitment to biodiversity conservation and local development

  • Member of the local Izarraitz Bizirik association which works for the development and promotion of the valley, organizing different activities.
  • Collaborates in the Gailur Horse Riding School activities.
  • Best environmental practices in compliance with SICTED requirements.


Plaza San Nikolas (Lastur-Itziar) – 20829 Deba (Gipuzkoa – Spain)

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