Gorbeia, Izki and Valderejo Natural Park

Fauneando is a family business. Your nature guide, Andoni Llosa, who works in the natural spaces of Álava, has an extensive knowledge of the local natural and human environment.

We offer several different activities, all related to nature interpretation.

  • We go on nature interpretation trips looking at fauna and flora in the natural environment, mainly in Álava.
  • We have an authorised hide for photographing and observing forest birds in the Izki Natural Park (Álava).
  • We offer classroom-based courses or workshops that focus on environmental education related to fauna, mainly birdlife, such as introductory courses on ornithology, building nest boxes, etc.
  • We carry out studies and technical work such as bird surveys and studies on local ethnography related to nature, a field we know well thanks to our rural background and training.


We provide equipment for the activities:

  • Spotting scope
  • Binoculars
  • Authorised collection of educational biology equipment

Activity area

The activities mainly take place in Álava, often inside the Natural Parks or their zone of influence:

  • Izki Natural Park
  • Gorbeia Natural Park
  • Valderejo Natural Park

Some are based in other natural places in different areas of Álava, like:

  • Rioja Alavesa lakes (SAC)
  • Southern Sierras of Álava (SAC and SPA)
  • Llanada Alavesa oak groves-island (SAC)


Spanish, Basque, and basic English


  • Some of the routes may be suitable for people with reduced mobility.
  • The bird photography hide is also suitable for people with a hearing impairment.


  • It costs 7o/80 euros + VAT to use the bird photography hide.
  • The tours vary depending on whether they’re organised for the local council (which manages the natural areas) or for private individuals (from 100 euros + VAT)

Quality and/or sustainability practices & awards

Company certified by the Ecotourism Club in Spain

Company’s commitment to conservation of biodiversity and local development

Fauneando is strongly committed to the conservation of biodiversity and local development through actions such as:

  • We value nature and the environment around us and our only goal is for our customers to enjoy and learn the importance of biodiversity.
  • We’re very involved and rooted in our local and regional environment and interact with the other businesses in our community.
  • We’re members of several biodiversity conservation organisations and participate as volunteers in numerous citizen science projects like SEO Birdlife’s LIBERA project to clean up rubbish in the mountains, SEO Birdlife’s Noctua programme and the Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council’s survey programme for monitoring nocturnal birds of prey. We’ve also taken part in other surveys like the nationwide survey of the Montagu’s harrier and hen harrier for SEO Birdlife and the Aranzadi science society.
  • We’re members of the association for the conservation and study of the Iberian wolf (Ascel) and a managing director of the IBITA Institute in Treviño.


Avda. Askatasuna, 21 Bilbao

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