Geopark Comarca Molina – Alto Tajo

The natural heritage of the territory of the Geopark of the Molina-Alto Tajo Region is very important, not only for the present geological heritage, but also for the existence of numerous enclaves of interest for fauna, vegetation and flora, giving rise to beautiful and varied landscapes. In fact, one of the main natural attractions of this territory is the close relationship between geodiversity and biodiversity, since the former absolutely conditions the latter. Committed to the development and sustainable use of its resources.

With respect to the cultural heritage, in the area there are 10 Cultural Assets registered, 8 with the category of monument and 2 archaeological zones. Monasteries, castles, salt works, examples of religious architecture (churches) and civil (strong houses), bridges, aqueducts, old factories, necropolises, remains of walls … practically all the municipalities harbor in their term some manifestation of tangible and monumental cultural heritage.

For its part, the Regional Museum of Molina has been developing for more than a decade an intense and prolific informative work of Paleontology, Mineralogy. Archeology and Natural Sciences, with exhibitions, publications, seminars and many other activities (more than 200 in the last 5 years).

Type of space

Geopark It also includes other figures such as Natural Park, BIC’s, LIC’s, ZEPA’s. and World Heritage.

Commitment to sustainable tourism

The Comarca de Molina and the Alto Tajo is recognized as a UNESCO World Geopark, as it is a space that has a geological heritage of international importance, and is a member of the European Network and the Global Geoparks Network. It is committed to the development and sustainable use of its resources.

Among its objectives is the dissemination, dissemination, activities with schoolchildren to bring them closer to the territory; promotional activities in fairs, promotional material; actions to promote and promote the consumption of local products linked to gastronomy and to the restoration and promotion of the resources and tourist offer of the Comarca, improving, conserving and protecting our territory.


Molina de Aragón (Guadalajara – Spain)

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