Glovento Sur

Glovento Sur

Glovento Sur is a company based in Granada that offers hot air balloon rides to individuals and groups, as well as aerial advertising. 

Its star product is a trip over the Granada Geopark, which thanks to the landscape is the perfect place for a hot air balloon ride. 

The ride begins at dawn, leaving from the meeting point, which varies depending on the weather conditions and chosen trip. The balloon lifts off and flies for around 1 hour, with the route and duration determined by the orography and weather. After landing, participants are invited to a breakfast and given a certificate to remember this amazing experience.


Air balloon

Activity area

Geopark of Granada


Some of our activities can be adapted for people with a visual impairment or functional diversity


Check prices with the company.


Spanish, English, German, French and Chinese

Quality and/or sustainability practices & awards

  • Company certified by the Ecotourism Club in Spain

Company’s commitment to conservation of biodiversity and local development

Glovento Sur offers hot air balloon rides in an area inside the Granada Geopark:

  • We leave no trace of our activity as the balloon is gently spread out on the ground before inflation and carefully picked up at the end. 
  • All our balloon covers are made from a highly-resistant fabric that only allows a small amount of air to escape, so the equipment lasts longer and consumes less fuel. The propane gas used to fly the balloon is also a very clean and low-polluting type of fuel. 
  • During the ride, we give a basic explanation of the formation of the Granada Geopark so that it can be promoted, known and valued. 
  • We’ve created synergies with other companies in the Granada Geopark that we collaborate with when advertising our business.


Cuesta de San Gregorio, 25 18010 Granada

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