Gomera Guide

Pure nature from someone who knows the corners of the island in detail.

A private guide for tailored trips, a privilege which enables the traveller to discover La Gomera in a personalised way. Tours that make time standstill, which are enjoyed discovering the secrets, details and unexplored beauties that make the island such a unique place.

The history, geology and peculiarities of La Gomera are brought to the visitor in different tours:

Hiking: A journey back in time

You will discover how country life used to be and how it is today: the agriculture; the sheep and goat herding. We shall also introduce you to the traditional way shepherds traversed the abrupt terrain: the salto del pastor (which translates as “shepherds’ jump”).

Hiking: Among mosses and mists

The laurel forest of La Gomera, a relic from the Tertiary Era, is home to a great diversity of species, some of them found nowhere else in the world.

Hiking: The island of a thousand faces

Isolated mountain villages, narrow trails with breath-taking views, romantic paths winding through palm-groves, an enchanted forest…

Guided tour of San Sebastian de La Gomera

Discover the scenery where history was made. We invite you to enjoy a guided walk through the hitoric centre of the small capital of the island. We take you to the historic sites of San Sebastian de La Gomera and tell you their storry and the story of its people.

Round the Island Tour with a short Hike through the Laurel forest

Today we shalll drive around the island and its fertile valleys, enjoying spectacular views.


Calle Chejelipes, 1. 38800. San Sebastián de La Gomera. La Gomera. Canary Islands. Spain.

Geographical coordinates: Lat. 28.092621; Long. -17.111308.

Accreditations (quality and/or sustainability)

European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas (EUROPARC Federation).

Action area

  • Garajonay National Park.
  • La Gomera Biosphere Reserve.
  • Majona Natural Park.
  • La Fortaleza Natural Monument.
  • Los Roques Natural Monument.


Spanish, English, Deutsch.


From 40,00 €

General comments

  • Local guide.
  • Transport and activity insurance

Commitment to the biodiversity conservation and/or the protected area

In addition to the basic requirements of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, our company has additionally undertaken up to 9 voluntary commitments. These commitments serve to improve the services we offer and our connection with the protected natural space. Likewise, improving our environmental behaviour, as well as supporting local development and heritage conservation.

Some examples are:

  • Creation of tourism products for people with reduced mobility.
  • Active participation in the control iron wort.
  • Promote awareness of the local culture with the resident population.

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