Granada Geopark

Granada Geopark. The landscape is just the beginning


Landscapes surrounded by untouched beauty, forests, spectacular geological formations, paleontological sites with great Plio-Quaternary fauna, villages where you can stay in cave dwellings sheltered by the earth, green meadows dating back thousands of years, a multitude of archaeological sites to visit and a living tradition await in an unknown Granada that you cannot miss.

Covering 4,722 km2 of land split into 47 municipalities in the regions of Guadix, Los Montes, Baza and Huéscar, Granada Geopark is one of the landscapes least affected by human activity in Europe. It is home to the most extensive fossil record of Quaternary vertebrates in Europe, including the oldest human remains in Western Europe and an impressive landscape shaped by water, with the badlands standing out in particular.

This unique territory is located in the centre of the largest and most extensive steppe plateau in Andalusia, an ecosystem of significant ecological value surrounded by mountains, many of which are classified as protected natural areas, specifically seven Natural Parks and one National Park.

It is also a highly valuable area in terms of culture because of the large number of archaeological sites, its rich heritage in defensive and troglodytic architecture, its mining history and its cultural manifestations, many of which are declared to be of Tourist and even International Interest.

Type of protected area

UNESCO Global Geopark

Commitment to sustainable tourism

  • Granada Geopark inspires the research, conservation and dissemination of natural and cultural heritage, environmental education, ecotourism and sustainable rural development.
  • We also encourage the incorporation of local tourism companies into the Ecotourism Club in Spain through its accreditation system and requirements. We work with these companies to boost ecotourism in the area and offer authentic ecotourism experiences to our visitors.


Granada, Andalucía

Further information

Granada Geopark


Asociación para el Turismo Sostenible de las Altiplanicies Granadinas

Ecotourism in Granada Geopark

Discover the UNESCO World Geopark of Granada through different experiences such as the interpretation of geological, natural and cultural heritage, hiking, cycling, nautical activities, photography, astrotourism, balloon flights, unique gastronomy or environmental education. All companies certified by the Ecotourism Club in Spain are environmentally responsible and have implemented different measures to support the conservation of this unique protected space.


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