The green island of La Palma

About the destination

La Palma Island, also known as “Isla Bonita” due to its incredible landscapes, imposing volcanoes, dense forests, unique beaches, and clear skies. It is located in the northwestern area of the Canary Archipelago, in the Atlantic Ocean.

With a surface area of 708 km2 and a large underwater volcanic world, La Palma is a good representation of the ecosystems of a Macaronesian region on European soil. The island is a world of contrasts, from the most recent volcanic eruption in Europe and its black lava flows, to the green of its rainforests; from the high rocky peaks of over 2400 m to the turquoise natural marine pools.  It’s an  island that has it all.

In addition to its natural heritage, La Palma has many elements of interesting tangible and intangible cultural heritage. This combination was a key element when it was chosen  by UNESCO as a Biosphere Worldwide Reserve in 2002

Ecotourism experiences

If you like hiking through lush natural areas spectacular landscapes, you can’t leave La Palma Biosphere Reserve off your bucket list. Thanks to your local guide, you will discover fascinating ecosystems such as the laurel forests and rain forests, walk along traditional trails, dense woods, and cliffs and valleys that hide incredible waterfalls.

At the top of the island, on the edge of the Caldera de Taburiente, you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view while listening to how the island was formed and is still evolving in a continuous cycle of erosion and formation caused by active volcanism. You can also take the route down to remote villages where the ravines covered in laurel forests that almost reach the sea . You can also visit the dense, dark Cubo de la Galga, a hotspot for ferns and laurel forests, where you will see water flowing directly from rocks.

La Palma is also a perfect spot for stargazing, thanks to the Observatory of Roque de los Muchachos, and this activity can be combined with cultural heritage, gastronomy and marine ecotourism experiences.

For further information and bookings 

You can live this experience together with our local ecotourism host. Please enquire to Ecoturismo Granada AV on +34 666 405 811 or by email at to check availability and your preferred dates.

This experience is part of the 2022 Ecotourism Escapes Brochure (only in Spanish)

The Ecotourism Club in Spain groups together destinations and companies which guarantee, by fulfilling a series of requirements, their commitment to conservation and local sustainable development.  That is why it has created its own brand “Ecotourist in Spain” and the website, where you can find protected areas, accommodation and companies which offer their tourism services, as well as experiences and activities committed to the preservation of the area in which they take place.


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