Green Walk

Green Walk

Green Walk is the first company specialising in geology and nature trips in the Granada Geopark, providing the area with activities that share scientific knowledge for the first time.  Our goal is to show the geological and environmental changes over millions of years of history. 

You can discover the Badlands or go kayaking and carry out activities that will allow you to see first-hand the origin of the different formations from the quaternary period with fossils of large mammals. You’ll also have the chance to see the changes made by earthquakes, walking between active faults and hot springs, impossible canyons and channels of water. 

In addition, depending on our departure time, we include a healthy picnic that you can enjoy in a unique environment. 

We also offer 10 original themed routes in which you can enjoy the mines and high mountain meadows surrounded by the native flora and fauna of two great natural parks, Sierra de Baza and Sierra de Castril, next to the Granada Geopark.


Our experiences include:

  • Scientific material needed to explain the different routes
  • Transportation
  • Picnic (depending on route)

Activity area

  • Geopark of Granada
  • Sierra de Baza Natural Park
  • Sierra de Castril


  • Several of our routes are designed with content specifically adapted for people with functional diversity, both children and adults. 
  • We offer routes adapted for people with reduced mobility, as we adapt the itineraries according to their specific needs.


From 43€ to 85€/person, VAT included


  • Spanish and English

Quality and/or sustainability practices & awards

  • Company certified by the Ecotourism Club in Spain
  • Andalusia Natural Park brand

Company’s commitment to conservation of biodiversity and local development

At Green Walks we highlight the great biodiversity and geodiversity of a unique area through our environmentally friendly activities:

  • We work for the NGO “World Geologists”, raising awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals among the school community in order to carry out individual and collective actions, promoting a sustainable future for everyone. 
  • We’re committed to the preservation of Sites of Geological Interest (SGI). 
  • We offer picnics made with local products, helping businesses to grow in the region.


Avenida de Ronda, 20 bajo, C.P. 18800 Baza

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