Guara Somontano

Guara Somontano: Natural Paradise

Guara Somontano is a destination of contrasts where you can enjoy everything from the mountains to the plains, ravines to large rivers, and prehistoric times to the 20th century. Art, history, adventure and gastronomy in the Aragonese Pre-Pyrenees.

Nature and heritage go hand in hand in the Sierra y Cañones de Guara Natural Park, one of the largest protected areas in Aragón, known across the globe for its spectacular deep canyons sculpted by rivers, rain and air.

Its spectacular and intricate orography has preserved the most ancient artistic manifestations discovered in Aragón. Cave paintings and dolmens, churches and medieval castles, bridges, and centuries-old paths all bear witness to the permanent nature of human presence, which has been a constant in the landscape of the Sierra.

Protected areas

Sierra y Cañones de Guara Natural Park

It is also home to:

  • Rio Vero Cultural Park
  • SAC Guara Norte
  • SAC Sierra y Cañones de Guara
  • SAC Silves
  • SPA Sierra y Cañones de Guara

Commitment to sustainable tourism

  • Guara Somontano has been classified as a Smart Tourist Destination for 2023, with 84% compliance in the sustainability area.
  • It is currently participating in a diagnosis of circular economy of tourist destinations promoted by Segittur, executing a Sustainable Tourism Plan in Destinations within the National Enogastronomy Plan (Saborea Guara Somontano) and developing various campaigns such as “No Cigarette Butts”, with an annual distribution of five thousand portable ashtrays, as well as “How to be a good visitor”.
  • It also manages the ZTrails application to promote the compatibility of environmental uses and ensure visitor safety.


Huesca, Aragón

Further information

Somontano de Barbastro area

Ecotourism in Guara Somontano

  • Guara Somontano is an ornithological paradise with diverse habitats that house birds such as the bearded vulture, the sison, the kingfisher and the small owl, offering up to fifteen proposals to explore its biological richness.
  • The region also has nine routes of great contrast where you can find a surprising biodiversity of flora and fauna, with landscapes that include holm oaks, pines albares, romeros and bear ears in the same excursion. In addition, they will allow to know its four habitats: steppe, riverside, somontano and prepirineo.
  • The region is famous for Startourism, thanks to its clear skies due to dry weather and low levels of light pollution. Astronomical observation activities and related workshops are organized throughout the year.
  • Guara Somontano also offers family ecotourism options, with plans designed to enjoy nature together with children.


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