La Jara and Toledo Mountains

Natural environment

Large mounts and hillsides covered by oaks and other mediterranean tree species , mostly bushes and rockroses (Jaras) which names the region.

The territory is crossed by the rivers Huso and Gévalo,  on which  banks  settled many  muslim citadels like the “Ciudad de Vascos“, in the Tajo valley.

Big game hunting is it ´s main economical resource and the base of local gastronomy. It´s famous ceramic ( very similar as ceramic in Talavera )  is also richly decorated with hunting motifs

The region is a kind of corridor between the Toledo Mountains and the massif of the Villuercas and visitors can discover it along the Vía Verde de la Jara  (green road)

Kind of area
The territory includes many special bird protection area (SBPA) and site of community importance (SCI)

Commitment to sustainable tourism

  • La Jara has been touristic destinations  finalist at the EDEN awards (European Destinations of Excellence), which promotes sustainable tourism.
  • La VíaThe Green Road of La Jara has developed a sustainable tourism model based on walk or bike rides

Toledo (Castilla-La Mancha)

Contact and information
Mancomunidad Vía Verde de la Jara
Tel.: 925 45 56 25 /


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