Lastur Hostel – Basque Coast

The Lastur district offers the possibility of exploring the heart of nature.  Here you can enjoy discovering the last corner of the mountains, its animals, nocturnal birds, ways of life and sports no longer present in the cities, with all the comforts of a rural cottage.

Lastur also belongs to the Basque Coast Geopark, and holds in its interior exciting episodes of the history of our land.  To lose oneself along its paths is to acquaint ourselves with the Karst area which, with its countless sinkholes and caves, is endowed with a special magic in which legend and history unite.

We have 8 rooms, which range from private to communal.  We have a common room in which you can meet, talk, and contemplate the scenery whilst you have a drink.  The activity room is equipped with music system, projector and access to internet, which can be used for meetings, conferences, for different activities or workshops.  There is also a communal kitchen which provides cooking utensils, tableware and microwave.  In the vicinity there is park open to the public, a bullring, a covered pelota court and a children’s play area.

We offer activities for schools, families and specialized groups.

The valley of Lastur gives the impression of having stopped in time without turning its back on modernity, but in a totally integrated way.  The beauty of its green pastures which blend into leafy woodland and the traditional way of life create nuances which will remain imprinted on our memories forever.

Type of accommodation

  • Tourism hostel.


  • Basque Coast Geopark
  • Pagoeta Natural Park
  • Deba Zumaia Flysch Protected Coastal Biotope
  • Izarraitz Special Area of Conservation


Basque, English

Rooms / Capacity

We have different sized rooms:

  • Two rooms for 4 guests
  • One room for 5 guests
  • One room for 6 guests
  • Two rooms for 7 guests
  • One room for 10 guests
  • One room for 12 guests

In total 60 guests

We also have separate rooms so that families, groups of friends or hikers can rest and have some privacy.


Adapted for people with disabilities (restricted mobility or wheelchair users)


  • Adults: 14 €/person + 3 €/breakfast + 10% I.V.A
  • Children (aged 4 to 12) 12 €/child + 3 €/ breakfast + 10% I.V.A

Possibility of organizing the stay with different activities according to the needs of the guest or group.

Accreditations, Standards (Quality, Sustainability)

  • A collaborative partner of the Basque Coast Geopark
  • Committed to Integrated Quality Management in Spanish Tourist Destinations (SICTED)

Commitment to biodiversity conservation and local development

  • Member of the local Izarraitz Bizirik association which works for the development and promotion of the valley, organizing different activities.
  • Best practice in compliance with SICTED requirements


Plaza San Nikolas de Lastur – 20829 Itziar / Deba (Gipuzkoa)



Location map



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