Feel Mariñas Coruñesas, the best of Galicia!

About the destination

Mariñas Coruñesas, in A Coruña, Galicia, is an atypical Biosphere Reserve due to its urban-rural dynamics. These include good communication links, well preserved cultural and natural heritage and superb gastronomy featuring seasonal and local products.

Water is very important in the protected area. It leads to a great variety of ecotourism experiences on its rivers and estuaries and as part of their cultural heritage. There is a vast array of walking routes that hold the mystical spirit of Galicia with its legends and traditions. In the most rural areas of the Biosphere Reserve, there are “castros”, monasteries, castles, traditional roads called “Corredoiras”, surrounded by ancestral forests. 

Ecotourism experiences

Mariñas Coruñesas Biosphere Reserve is a thriving destination for ecotourism experience both from the ocean and inland. 

From the waters of the Ría de Betanzos, in a 100% electric boat, you can navigate free of noise or pollution to get closer to the different birds, without disturbing their calm. You will enjoy an interpretive experience to discover the natural and cultural features of the area together with your local guides, in addition to obtaining fantastic panoramic views of the coast of the Reserve and estuary.

Inland, you can join a guided walk to discover one of the core areas of the Biosphere Reserve and Natural Monument: the Coast of Dexo-Serantes, an area of cliffs facing the Atlantic and the city of A Coruña. You can also join a guided tour to the Pazo and the Mariñian Gardes and visit one of the Ornithological Observatories of the Ría de Betanzos together with experts. 

For further information and bookings 

You can live this experience together with our local ecotourism host. Please enquire to Viajes Alumar on +34 678  776  951 or by email at info@viaxesalumar.com to check availability and your preferred dates.

This experience is part of the 2022 Ecotourism Escapes Brochure (only in Spanish)

The Ecotourism Club in Spain groups together destinations and companies which guarantee, by fulfilling a series of requirements, their commitment to conservation and local sustainable development.  That is why it has created its own brand “Ecotourist in Spain” and the website www.ecotouristinspain.com, where you can find protected areas, accommodation and companies which offer their tourism services, as well as experiences and activities committed to the preservation of the area in which they take place.


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