Menorca Biosphere Reserve

Menorca is nature, is culture, is tradition, is sea,… it is Pure Mediterranean as simple as that, be natural.

Menorca integrates all its territory (land and maritime) within a Biosphere Reserve, distinctive held since 1993 as recognition for making life compatible with the conservation of a unique heritage and natural environment. The island surprises by the exceptional marine places that combine perfectly with its rural landscape plenty of history, in addition to its villages with a marked traditional Mediterranean look.

Menorca is one of the Mediterranean paradises. On the island,  beaches of fine white sand and turquoise waters of the south contrast with those more rugged coves, reddish tones and almost lunar landscapes in the north. It has impressive cliffs, virgin islets and rich marine backgrounds. All the island coastline is walkable by the Camí de Cavalls, a historic trail of the 18th century converted into GR (long-distance route) that runs along the coast of Menorca and that along 20 stages leads to the hiker through hidden coves, ravines and Mediterranean forests.

Inland Menorca we find a landscape that is the result of the ancestral balance among the countryside activities development and the natural vegetation. Also find great ravines and wetlands where the birds find shelter, and joint with the sea they make up a wide range of ecosystems with numerous fauna and flora making them a paradise for wild lovers. Menorca is also known for its great geological variety, settling its natural environment on rocks of varied textures, shapes and colors through a journey of 400 million years of history. We can not forget the incredible sky of the island, which when nightfall turns into a blanket of stars offering the best show for stargazing lovers and astrophotography (Reserve and tourist destination Starlight)

To this nature of contrasts is jointed a unique World historical heritage thanks to its Taulas that we can find among of the more than 1,500 archaeological sites distributed throughout the island, and that bring us closer to the Talayotic culture as well as to the ancient history of its inhabitants and visitors.

Type of protected area

Biosphere Reserve UNESCO.

Commitment to sustainable tourism

Menorca is committed to becoming the Mediterranean’s sustainable destination model. Menorca is a Biosphere Reserve since 1993, protecting its 67.66% land for the enjoyment of visitors.

Menorca has a GR (long-distance route) that runs along the island coast, Camí de Cavalls, making it one of the best ways to visit the island in a sustainable way.

  • Set up the largest protected marine area in Spain (extended the protection as Biosphere Reserve to the sea).
  • The commitment of the brand “Menorca Biosphere Reserve”.
  • Reserve and Tourist Destination Starlight since 2019.
  • It has one of the most restrictive regulations on Nighttime Protection.


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