Natural and cultural resources of Sierra Norte de Sevilla Natural Park

The aim of this experience is to immerse the visitors in the landscape, cultural, ethnographic and gastronomic values of the Sierra Norte de Sevilla Natural Park in an existential way leaving a memory difficult to forget.

Granja-Escuela La Sierra
Carretera de la Ermita S/N – Apartado de Correos
41450 Constantina
Geographic coordinates: 37.891078º  / -5.616138º

Duration: 3 days or 5 days


  • Price 3 days: 105 euros per person with accommodation in the hostel.
  • Price 3 days: 135 euros per person with accommodation in the rural apartment.
  • Price 5 days: 190 euros per person with accommodation in the hostel.
  • Price 5 days: 245 euros per person with accommodation in the rural apartment.

Group size: Minimum group size of 25 people and maximum group size of 75 people. 

Period: In Autumn, Winter or Spring, depending on availability.

Type of accommodation: Hostel-style accommodation and rural apartments.

Detailed programme:
In the several days that this experience lasts, visitors will be able to participate in the following activities:

  • Visit to the El Robledo Visitor Centre.
  • Walk around the village of Constantina to get to know all its monuments, oil mills and the aniseed-flavoured factory.
  • Route “Los Nogales” trail of low difficulty.
  • Medium difficulty “Cerro del Hierro” itinerary tp enjoy the karst landscape declared Natural Monument called Cerro del Hierro.
  • Green route along the Sierra Norte de Sevilla.
  • Trip to the little village of San Nicolás del Puerto where the visitor will be able to enjoy the source of the Ribera del Huéznar River and its waterfalls, also declared Natural Monument.
  • Visit to “La Margarita” winery.
  • Participation in an astronomical Gymkana and nocturnal observation of the sky in the evenings thanks to the high quality of the sky in the environment, declared Starlight Reserve in 2014.

What is included?:

  • Full board accommodation.
  • Materials required for the activities.
  • Team of specialized instructors.
  • Personal service, insurance, etc.

What is not included?:
It does not include the transport.

Collaborating companies:
Granja-Escuela La Sierra

Commitment to biodiversity conservation
Educational programmes of awareness-raising and environmental education for all sectors of the population.

Partnership with the AMBOR (Friends of El Robledo Botanical Gardens), of the Sierra Norte de Sevilla Natural Park.


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