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Our company was founded in 1995, a small local company based in Guernica that works in line with the Millennium Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our love of local culture is at the heart of our activity.

We offer the general public a unique range of quality guided tours, both pre-planned and personalised, in which we explain our heritage using the rigour of scientific knowledge, which we access through responsible documentation work. 

Our tourist activities focus particularly on culture and nature and combine tangible and intangible heritage, history, biodiversity and social context, in order to promote new ways of seeing and knowing. 

Family tourism and active tourism, with walking and electric bike tours, make up a significant part of our activities, interesting for more specialised participants and accessible to the general public.

Specialising in Urdaibai, our visits are in line with the sustainable management of cultural heritage, landscape and environmental restoration and aim to promote an appreciation for diversity and intercultural dialogue.

Arotz, ruta turística de la madera is our own line of guided tours around heritage sites, in which we tell the story of forest management and the different industrial, architectural, domestic, artistic and socio-cultural uses of wood, which has been a source of life, wealth and traditions throughout our history.


  • We have electric bikes.
  • Illustrative and information posters.
  • Leaflets on a variety of routes
  • Leaflets with plans

Activity area

Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve and Bizkaia Historical Territory.


English, Spanish and Basque


We have organised visits in sign language for deaf people. Our facilities are accessible.


From €10, please ask for the minimum price per activity. Discount for under 12’s.

Quality and/or sustainability practices & awards

  • European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in protected areas
  • Commitment to Quality Tourism.
  • TICS
  • Tourism Code of Ethics

Company’s commitment to conservation of biodiversity and local development

  • At Nueva Europa, we work to develop the tourist potential of our surroundings in a respectful manner.
  • We value diversity, nature, culture and traditions, in order to contribute to the promotion of sustainable tourism in our area.
  • Our tours are based on a philosophy that combines environmental awareness and cultural concern; healthy leisure and a taste for knowledge. Activities with a “Sustainable Spirit” towards the nature and culture of an environment and its inhabitants.
  • We select and promote suppliers, both of products and services, from the local area. We encourage our customers to buy artisan products or locally-produced food made or obtained in a sustainable manner.
  • We promote public transport in our visits and we plan tours and tourist trips using the train as a means of transport, plus we have electric bikes, the main mode of transport on some of our Ekorutas.


Calle Carlos Gangoiti 15 Bajo 48300


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