Understanding the land and culinary culture in the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve through Txakoli

Txakoli, Nature, and Landscape. A delight for the senses

Sweeping views over the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve allow visitors to appreciate the most important natural, historic, scenic, and cultural features of the region.

At Bodega Berroja, you’ll have the opportunity to get a first-hand look at how we sustainably manage the vineyard with our integrated production system that respects the native flora and fauna. You’ll learn about the care we take in crafting our high-quality Txakoli, a wine that is deeply engrained in local culture. You’ll also get the chance to taste the result of all this care, accompanied by Zero KM snacks.

Panoramic views over the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve allow us to locate landmarks like Santimamiñe, the “Castro de Arrola” (a fortified Iron Age settlement), the town of Gernika, the mouth of the estuary, the Roman settlement of Forua, and the Montes Bocineros (Hornblower Mountains) of Bizkaia. We’ll also discuss the fishing and agricultural traditions of the Reserve, and their relationship with seasonal cuisine and Txakoli.

At the vineyard, we’ll explain how we make our high-quality Txakoli, beginning with the remarkable Hondarrabi grapes that our vineyard produces. We’ll share information about our land management practices, which allow us to produce grapes sustainably while respecting the native flora and fauna.

We’ll finish with a tasting of 2 Txakolis accompanied by local Zero Km cheese and gildas, which are the perfect pairing for our Txakolis.

What’s included

Guided tour and tasting

What’s not included



Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve; Berroja, Muxika.

Bº Berroja, Ajuria. Ctra. De Zugaztieta a Balcón de Bizkaia.

Postal code: 48392 Muxika, Bizkaia


Year round


Spanish, Basque and English


2 hours


€27.50 per person: 2 Txakolis, Maumas cheese, and 2 gildas (skewers with anchovy, olive, and guindilla pepper)

€38.50 per person: 2 Txakolis, Maumas cheese, and 4 pintxos (typical snacks of the Basque Country)

Group size (min-max)


Company’s commitment to conservation of biodiversity and local development

  • At Bodega Berroja, we respect the natural environment that surrounds us, and we aim to coexist harmoniously with the local flora and fauna. Our integrated production approach allows us to maximize resources and use natural production techniques to achieve sustainable agriculture.
  • We actively promote our traditions through different events, like fairs and Txakoli tastings, exhibitions of local artists’ work, sampling and sales of local artisanal products, local music and dances, and traditional village games. We also sponsor sporting events like the Bermeo races and the Ibarruri hikes.
  • The natural and cultural richness of the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve inspires us to share the region’s culinary traditions with tastings of seasonal Zero Km products that pair perfectly with our Txakolis.

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