On the trail of the wolf and the bear

From the meeting point, we will go in Natur’s vehicles to the place where we will start an interpretative walking tour to talk about the biology of the bear and its relationship with human activities, look for its trails and learn all about its current recovery plan and conservation works that are being made. This will be combined with a wait to try to spot the bear from the distance with binoculars and telescopes.

Thanks to this activity you will have the opportunity to get an accurate idea of how is the life of this carnivorous in the Cantabrian Mountains. At the same time, you will be thrilled with the search of the bear and even more if you are lucky enough to see it, as this wild animal moves in dense forests of oaks and beeches.


Muniellos-Fuentes del Narcea Biosphere Reserve.

The initial and ending point of the activity is in Cangas del Narcea bus stop (Asturias). From there, we will go to Fuentes del Narcea, Degaña e Ibias Natural Park in Natur’s vehicles to enjoy this experience.

Duration: From half-day to several days.


  • Half-day trips: 50 € per person (1 person), 30 € per person (groups of 2-3 people) and 25 € per person (groups of 4 or more people)
  • We design personalised programmes to our customers according to their needs and interest. Prices vary depending on the duration of the programme and number of people who join it.

Group size: Between 1 and 30 people (groups will be divided into groups of 10 people)

Period: All year

Type of accommodation: Accommodation belonging to Spanish Biosphere Reserves Club (optional)

Detailed programme:

Half day experience, either in the morning or in the evening.

We will meet at dawn and we will start making a wait to look for any bears and wolves in the slopes. Right after, we will take a walking tour of about 3 km. to learn about the way of life of these species in detail. We will return to the initial point to have lunch (if during the morning) or to have dinner (if during the dinner).

Several days experience:

If you choose to spend more days with us to try to spot the Brown Bear and get to know with more detail the specie and its surroundings, we suggest a longer programme.

  • Day 1: 17 h. Welcome and talk with a projection about the Brown Bear’s way of life in these mountains along the year; biology and conservation.
  • Day 2: Set off at dawn to try to see the specie and then, take a walk to look for trails, talk about its diet, relationship with human activities, etc. Picnic outdoors or lunch in a local restaurant (optional) and, in the afternoon, a new walking tour through the forest and a new wait at dusk. Return to the accommodation at nightfall.
  • Day 3: Set off at dawn in another valley to try to spot the bear in the first hours of the morning. At midday, we will make a cultural visit to a local craftsman. Lunch in a local restaurant or picnic (optional). During the afternoon, we will visit a cattle farm or a bee farm to learn how they are managed. At dusk, we will attempt once more to spot the bear.
  • Day 4: Set off at dawn to try to see the Iberian Wolf and the Brown Bear in an area where they coexist. Afterwards, walking tour to learn the biology, trails and conservation issues of the wolf. Lunch at midday in a winery that produces Cangas wine learning about local wine culture. About 4 pm, farewell party.

What is included?:

  • Guide
  • Travel expenses from the meeting point
  • Optical equipment for two people
  • Insurances
  • Picnic

What is not included?:

  • Optional accommodation available in a cottage belonging to the Club
  • Travel expenses from the accommodation to the meeting point
  • Meals in restaurants

Collaborating companies:

NATUR “Naturaleza y Turismo”

Commitment to biodiversity conservation:

Natur actively cooperates with FAPAS (Fund for the Protection of Wild Animals) and with GECA (Cangués Ecologist Group “Azor”).


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