Photograph the Spanish goat in Sierra Nevada

Our goal will be to photograph this ungulate, exclusive in the Iberian Peninsula (Capra pyrenaica subsp. hispanica), in the territory with the largest European population. Depending on the date, we can observe different behaviors of zeal. Will not be easy to get photographs of some large males fight, but not so complicated to get them of young males.

The experience is completed with the stay in a unique accommodation, the Casas Cueva del Tio Tobas.

We will ascend to altitudes between 2,000 and 2,700 meters of altitude, to capture images of this animal, covered with thick winter coat, under the limit of the snow cover. Varying drastically from framing, we will visit the basal area of Sierra Nevada to take shots of mountain goat in the arid territory of the badlands.


Sierra Nevada National and Natural Park
Cuevas del Tío Tobas
Carretera de Almería Km 1
18511 Alcudia de Guadix (Granada)

Duration: Three days, two nights

Price: From 160 euros per person (group of 6) VAT included

Groupsize: 2 to 6 people

Period: From November to February

Type of accommodation: Rural apartments, cave houses

Detailed programme:

  • Day 1:

As participants arrive, we will install us in cave houses, “Cuevas el Tio Tobas”, in Alcudia de Guadix. If arrival is before the sunset, we try to reach the nearest location to capture the first images. After dinner we will gather to view some of the images that we will capture during the two photographic days that lie ahead.

  • Day 2:

At dawn we look for the settings of the Natural Monument Cárcavas de Marchal. Through sinous trails between the ground eroded, we can obtain completely different photographs to the PM images.

We will move to the north side of this space, over 2,500 meters of altitude, to capture snapshots from our ungulate on the high mountain landscape. Between genistas and brooms, on the edge of the snow cover, will allow us to get close enough to get close-up photographs with sunset light.

  • Day 3:

In the morning we climb towards Puerto de la Ragua, to locate groups of Spanish goat in the medium mountain area. We will have to approach with care, because in this area, they are not as confident as in other parts of the range.

We will end up at noon, when the light starts to be too hard to get good images.

Price includes:

  • Accommodation and meals
  • Guide photographer for 3 days

Price does not include:

  • Flights and displacement

Collaborating companies:

Contribution to biodiversity conservation

Initiatives developed by virtue of adherence to the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism of Sierra Nevada. Partners of Sierra Nevada National and Natural Park.


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