Discover the Muniellos-Fuentes del Narcea Biosphere Reserve, a great sanctuary for the most threatened species of the Cantabrian fauna, hosting some of the best brown bear and Cantabrian capercaillie populations, as well as several wolf packs and one of the westernmost chamois populations in the Cantabrian Mountains, all side by side of many other representative species of the Cantabrian fauna. It also has the best oak groves remaining in Spain, and quite possibly, the best preserved primary oak forest in Western Europe. In addition, it conserves ancestral ethnographic values linked to traditional wood, livestock and agrarian activities. You will learn the meaning of words such as `cortin´, `talameiru´ and `cunqueiru´, and will see the typical huts where the shepherds spent the Summer in the mountains with their animals.

What it is included on this experience

The experience is for two people and includes:

  • Two nights at CASA MARIO, on twin/double room basis and breakfast included. This is a traditional house with 4 rooms located at Posada de Rengos, very close to the Strict Nature Reserve of Muniellos. The house preserves its original building materials combining stone, wood and slate, and has been carefully rehabilitated maintained its traditional essence. The quality of the materials and the careful decoration manage to create a cosy and quiet atmosphere.
  • Guided activity called `In search of bear track´ with QUEI VITORINO consisting on an interpretative excursion of about 6 hours through the Fuentes del Narcea, Degaña and Ibias Nature Park. The main target of the outing is locating bear tracks and inform about its biology, conservation status and the historic relationship with the local inhabitants. We stop at midday to taste a picnic lunch based on local products in nature. Besides that the activity is completed with an observation attempt using binoculars and telescopes from a viewpoint. The activity can be organised in the morning (with an observation attempt at dawn, the excursion during the morning and finishing with a picnic lunch) or in the afternoon (with the excursion first, the observation attempt in the evening and picnic for dinner at dusk).
  • Lunch or dinner for two people at HOTEL GENESTOSO, which restaurant is recognised because of its rich offer of local gastronomy based on product grown at their own kitchen garden and cold meats produced by themselves. The menu will be composed of: 1) starter of cold meats and cheese from Genestoso or Xienestosu (one of the oldest cheese from Asturias, with a unique local manufacturer located on the village of Genestoso); 2) boiled cabbage with chorizo, blood sausage and meat; 3) Beef with Xienestosu cheese (local beef from Cangas del Narcea), 4) cheesecake with blueberry cream; 5)Cangas del Narcea wine; 6) cofee and Liquors.This prize can be enjoyed from March to November. The best seasons for wildlife sighting purpose are Spring (mid-March to end of May) and Autumn (September to November).
    Reservation on advance is necessary and it is subject to availability.


  • Quei Vitorino
  • Casa Mario
  • Hotel Genestoso


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