ProNatura, Turismo Sostenible y Adaptado

ProNatura, Turismo Sostenible y Adaptado

ProNatura, Turismo Sostenible y Adaptado is a small company that offers the opportunity to enjoy nature and participate in impressive activities from a tourism perspective, while also being respectful and responsible from many other perspectives.

Caring and respecting nature and protected natural areas is always the main basis of our activity. We know that we are temporary guests of nature, which sometimes shows us its most beautiful side, but we are also aware and respect it’s more fragile side and delicate balance.

We are impressed by the people who have known how to live alongside it, interact with it and even improve it since ancient times, as humans and their traditional activity are equally important in our area.

Therefore, we offer activities such as:

  • Hiking and nature interpretation
  • Wildlife observation
  • Identifying tracks and footprints, including in the snow using snowshoes
  • Natural heritage interpretation in 4x4s


Equipment provided for the activities:

  • Binoculars
  • Spotting scope with tripod
  • Snowshoes
  • 4X4 vehicles
  • Flora and fauna guides

Activity area

  • Picos de Europa National Park and Biosphere Reserve
  • Other areas of the Cantabrian Mountains


Most of our activities are adapted for people with limited mobility.

  • We have experience in and have taken a specific course on adapted tourism
  • We have a 4×4 available to provide these customers with the space they need


Daily price between €30 and €60 per person


Spanish, English, Catalan, French, and Italian.

Quality and/or sustainability practices & awards

Company certified by the Ecotourism Club in Spain

Company’s commitment to conservation of biodiversity and local development

At Casa de La Montaña, we are fully aware of the need to take care of the environment and respect our surroundings and are committed to ecotourism. Therefore:

  • We collaborate with the Bearded Vulture Foundation, informing guests about their activity and promoting visits to their centre by providing tickets to groups of interest (those in family programmes, visiting with the Asturian Centre of Mexico sports club, schools, etc.) 
  • We also introduce guests to traditional occupations in our area through our programmes, including visits to local cheese dairies that make Gamonedo cheese and organising trips to the pastures of the Picos de Europa, especially those in our municipality of Onís.


Duruxa, Cebia Cangas de Onís. 33556 Asturias

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