Pura Vida Diving

Pura Vida Diving Lanzarote, an Eco-diving company which trains divers committed to the Ocean

Pura Vida Diving (Pure Life Diving) is an Eco-diving company which trains divers who are committed to the Ocean with quality training from beginners to professional level, with daily outings to 35 diving zones included in La Reserva de La Graciosa and El Museo Atlántico.

We are nature lovers, we see ourselves as a part of Nature, so want all our activities to prioritize enjoyment with minimum human impact, establishing a respectful interaction.  We defend responsible diving, organize beach and seabed cleaning campaigns, give environmental awareness raising talks and use organic and local products.

We also share concerns and synergies with other companies who have the same perspective that we love, that’s why we are members of Revivir Lanzarote (Rekindle Lanzarote).

Prepare your courses and diving outings with us.  The adventure starts here! After more than 8 years in the world of diving, with headquarters in Pura Vida Koh Tao Diving in Thailand, we continue to pursue paradise and new sensations: we wake up every day to live a dream which we want to share with you, with our people.


Avenida Islas Canarias 1 CC Punta Limones Local, 33

35580 Playa Blanca. Lanzarote, Islas Canarias, España

Marks of approval (quality, sustainability)

  • Revivir Lanzarote
  • SSI Scuba Schools International    ISO International Organization for Standardization
  • SSI Diamond Dive Centre
  • Members of Buco
  • Members of Lanzarote Tourism
  • Members of  Cámara Hiperbárica  Lanzarote
  • Gold Medal Eoma Centre Atlantic Museum

Area of activities

Coast of the Lanzarote Biosphere Reserve


Spanish, Catalan, English, Bulgarian, German, French


From 50 €


  • Complete diving equipment
  • Complete snorkelling equipment

Commitments to biodiversity conservation and local development

  • We co-organize along with Kayak Lanzarote and Cook in Lanzarote monthly clean-ups on the beaches of Playa Blanca.
  • Every second Saturday we go out and clean a beach and the sea bed.
  • We train our staff specifically so as to improve their knowledge of the aquatic world.
  • We give our visitors a reusable water bottle to fight against single-use plastics.
  • We use organic and local products in the centre.
  • We organize talks in schools on sea life, recycling, and the health of the oceans.
  • We cooperate with local entities in our cleaning campaigns.
  • We work alongside other companies in the area in our environmental actions.

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