Relishing in Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche

About the destination

Footpaths, nature scents, flavours and sensations are all to be found in Spain´s Secret Sierra, the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park, in Huelva. Here is where traditional Andalusian life is in perfect harmony with nature in every corner.

The area has multiple paths, shaded by chestnut groves and mediterranean oak forest that join the traditional white Andalusian villages nestled in a lush landscape. Centuries of local people living in this region has provided a unique and varied place where the rich local gastronomy is reigned by the Iberian black pig.

Any season of the year provides a special mix of sensations in the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park. Autumn is the most popular season to enjoy the blazing show of colours of the chestnut forests, whereas spring is full of vivid greens and vibrant colours of wild flores. Different types of wild mushrooms come to life during both seasons, shaping the paths, activities and gastronomic delights. In summer you will find a relieving coolness from nearby Sevilla as the chestnut groves, mediterranean oak forests and bountiful streams provide the perfect temperature.

Ecotourism experiences

Welcome to the world of fungi! In Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche Natural Park you can become a mycologist for the day together with your local guide. You will learn about the different varieties that you can find on your guided walk through the regional forests. Take advantage of the season to taste the best mushroom-based dishes and traditional recipes in the local restaurants (only in spring/autumn time).

The area is also known for its extensive dehesas, home of the famous Ibean pig and jabugo ham.  You can immerse yourself into the special ham culture by joining a guided tour in an organic pig farm and learn about the ham-making process from the dehesa to the plate.

If you visit  the destination in autumn, make sure to head over to the centenary oak forest to immerse yourself into the golder colours of this time of the year. Enjoy a guided walk between the trees to also learn about the local wildlife and the traditional uses associated with medicine and gastronomy of the chesnut. 

For further information and bookings 

You can live this experience together with our local ecotourism host. Please enquire to GenuineSpain on WhatsApp +34 677 658 595 or by email at to check availability and your preferred dates. 

This experience is part of the 2022 Ecotourism Escapes Brochure (only in Spanish)

The Ecotourism Club in Spain groups together destinations and companies which guarantee, by fulfilling a series of requirements, their commitment to conservation and local sustainable development.  That is why it has created its own brand “Ecotourist in Spain” and the website, where you can find protected areas, accommodation and companies which offer their tourism services, as well as experiences and activities committed to the preservation of the area in which they take place.


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