Rural Hotel Genestoso

Rural Hotel located in a valley and surrounded by high peaks in the Fuentes del Narcea Natural Park

The Genestoso Rural Hotel is located in the village of Genestoso/Xienestosu , within Fuentes del Narcea, Degaña and Ibias Natural Park and Muniellos Biosphere Reserve, and bordering the Somiedo Natural Park and the Valle Laciana Biosphere Reserve.

The village of Genestoso is one of the last bastions in which emblematic species such as Brown bear and Cantabrian Capercaillie still live in the wild, as well as being an ideal place for birdwatching and observing butterflies.  It is situated in a valley at an altitude of 1200m and surrounded by high peaks in which to do medium or high difficulty hikes, as well as paths along the valley bottom.  Also, one of Asturias’ oldest cheeses is produced here: Queso Xienestosu, today only one person produces it in the traditional manner.

The Genestoso Rural Hotel is the result of the restoration of a centenary-old farmhouse typical of the region, completely renovated in 1997, respecting both the architecture and the original stone and wood in the process of restoration.

Genestoso Rural Hotel has 6 double rooms, each adapted to the comforts and needs of today, and has a dining room in which to taste and enjoy the seasonal produce of the area, with traditional dishes from our own cuisine adapted to the requirements of our clients: celiac, vegan, etc.

Type of accommodation

Rural Hotel


Lug.Genestoso nº14, c.p.33817 Cangas del Narcea , Asturias.

Number of rooms / Capacity

6 Rooms / 15 guests


60€  to 80€  double room per night


  • Muniellos Biosphere Reserve
  • Fuentes del Narcea, Degaña and Ibias Natural Park
  • Valle Laciana Biosphere Reserve


English, French



Ratings (quality, sustainability)

  • Asturias Excelente  Tourism Quality Plan of the Principality of Asturias
  • Committed to Integrated Quality Management (SICTED)

Commitment with the conservation of biodiversity and local development

A special feature of the Genestoso Rural Hotel is that it is located in the heart of the Natural Park, where several research and biodiversity conservation projects are being carried out. This has given us the opportunity to contribute directly to the conservation of nature in our area:

  • We take part in fauna censuses (butterfly, partridge, etc.).
  • We cooperate with the ecologist group Azor (Goshawk) and the Fundación Oso Pardo (Brown Bear Foundation) in various events.

Our engagement in rural development is the sum of many small daily gestures, most visible in the Festival en peligro de extinción  (In danger of extinction) in Fuentes del Narcea, in which we offer the ecotourism experience “Xinestosu cheese, a cheese in danger of extinction” to showcase a traditional craft and an excellent local product.

We have also taken several measures in our accommodation to reduce environmental impact, for example:

  • The light bulbs are low energy
  • The taps have aerators to save water
  • We use reusable materials, like fabric table cloths in the dining room, along with We apply a other small gestures
  • We implement an improvement plan to reach new goals in our environmental performance

Contact details

  • Tel.: + 34 985973019 / + 34 689603391
  • Email:
  • Web:

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