Sabores Gomeros

La Gomera: Traditional sweets shop.The island’s tradition shaped into each cookie.

The aroma of a freshly baked cookie and Idelina’s smile invite you to try the artisan flavour and care for each detail.

Small-scale produced and hand-made cookies in an ideal setting complete the experience of those who reach the “Juego de Bolas” Visitor Centre.

“I can say I’m proud that all of my cookies bear my fingerprint”. The heiress of the tradition has managed to preserve their special taste so that they can be enjoyed now with the same intensity as in the past.

This establishment is an ideal place to make a stop on your journey around the island and without a doubt, will leave a magnificent taste in your mouth.

The revival of the traditional Canarian pastry shop is one of Sabores Gomeros’ greatest strengths.

While having similar characteristics to the rest of the archipelago, the gastronomy of La Gomera has certain peculiarities that are worth knowing and, above all, tasting.


Centro de Visitantes “Juego de Bolas” del Parque Nacional de Garajonay. 38830. La Palmita. Agulo. La Gomera. Canary Islands. Spain.

Geographical coordinates: Lat. 28.178555; Long. -17.213627.


  • European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas (EUROPARC Federation).
  • SICTED. Tourism Quality.

Natural environment

  • Garajonay National Park.
  • La Gomera Biosphere Reserve.


Spanish, English.


  • Fresh products from La Gomera.
  • Quality, authenticity and local development.

Commitment to the biodiversity conservation and/or the protected area

In addition to the basic requirements of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, our company has additionally undertaken up to 17 voluntary commitments. These commitments serve to improve the services we offer and our connection with the protected natural space. Likewise, improving our environmental behaviour, as well as supporting local development and heritage conservation.

Some examples highlighting the effects of these commitments are:

  • Support the promotion of hand-crafted products.
  • Improve energy efficiency and saving energy in the Visitor Centre.
  • Give information about local products that are displayed and form part of the decoration.

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