Sierra Espuña

Sierra Espuña Regional Park, SPA and SCI.

Sierra Espuña, a historical forest where you can walk surrounded by plants, animals and a singular heritage in the center of Murcia region. Sierra Espuña, a  singular forest into the heart of Murcia region.

Natural Heritage

Wildlife: Sierra Espuña has a wide variety of wildlife. There are 7 species of amphibians. Around 123 species of birds. Due to the presence of the Euroasian eagle-owl and the Golden eagle, Sierra Espuña has been declared as ‘Special Protection Area’ (SPA). There are 38 species of mammals that live in Sierra Espuña.

Vegetation:  More than 40% of the plants diversity of the Region of Murcia is present in Sierra Espuña, almost a thousand different species in less than 20,000 hectares!

Cultural Heritage

  • Set of 26 Snow Pits (ice houses) of the 16th Century.
  • Reforestation of the late XIX and early XX centuries.

Type of area

Natural Park

Commitment to sustainable tourism

Since 2005, was certificate with Q Tourist Quality in protected areas, Spanish Tourist Quality System.

Since 2012, European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas (ECST): giving priority to protection, contributing to sustainable development, engaging all stakeholders, planning sustainable tourism effectively and pursuing continuous improvement.

Moreover, the Visitor Center has the SICTED program, an Integral Destination Tourism Quality System.


Murcia (Murcia Region – Spain)

Contact information

Centro de Visitantes “Ricardo Codorniu”
Address: Parque Regional de Sierra Espuña, 30840 Alhama de Murcia
Phone.:+34 968 43 14 30
Web: /
Youtube: Sierra Espuña


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