Sierra Norte de Sevilla

Light hills mountains placed in the north of the city of Seville where vast meadow holm oak and cork oak forests are predominant as well as thick gallery forests of ash, willow and alder around the existing rivers. The most important of them, Ribera del Huéznar River is home to symbolic species such as the otter (Lutra lutra) o the trout whose only presence is proof of the high quality of the water in this river, and, thanks to its erosive action makes it possible to enjoy of the Huéznar Waterfalls Natural Monument.

Within the Natural Park, it should be pointed out the Cerro del Hierro Natural Monument, where the mining activity along with the rain effect have exposed beautiful karstic landscapes that it is used nowadays to climbing sports.

Visitors who like hiking and bicycle routes will be able to enjoy the “Sierra Norte Green Path”. It will be also possible to take part in activities such as horse-riding, ornithological, mycological and geological routes that will discover to the visitor all the secrets of this natural area, also declared Geopark in 2011.

Regarding its cultural heritage, there are ten villages in the Park in which it is possible to find historical and artistic monuments like Arab castles or Christian churches and hermitage. Older remains can be found in Almadén de la Plata where prehistoric remains have been discovered.

Another important activity that can be done inside the Natural Park is the astronomy taking advantage of the great quality of the night skies, reason why this area was declared Starlight Reserve in 2014.

Kind of area
Natural Park, Special Protection Area (SPA) and Site of Community Importance (SCI), Biosphere Reserve, Geopark, Starlight Reserve

Commitment to sustainable tourism
Awarded with the European Charter of Sustainable Tourism

Sevilla. Andalusia

Contact and information

Centro de Visitantes El Robledo

Postal address: Ctra. Constantina-El Pedroso, km 1, 41450, Sevilla

Phone number:600 16 35 93 / 697 95 31 11



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