Taxi Carlos Hernández

Discover La Gomera by Taxi: Move around the island in a different way.

“More than 700,000 km travelled, sweeping upwards, sweeping downwards” an experienced Gomero who, on each trip, shows the contrasts of the island, spreading his love and joy for his land.

A different way to travel, not just in distance, but in time, an expert in the traditions and customs of La Gomera, Carlos makes each trip an experience to enjoy and discover unique treasures.


Arure, s/n. 38870. Arure. Valle Gran Rey. La Gomera. Canary Islands. Spain.

Geographical coordinates: Lat. 28.135485; Long. -17.318055.


European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas (EUROPARC Federation).

Natural environment

  • Garajonay National Park.
  • La Gomera Biosphere Reserve.


Spanish, English.


  • Large cargo taxi.
  • Includes bicycle racks and a trailer.

Commitment to the biodiversity conservation and/or the protected area

In addition to the basic requirements of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, our company has additionally undertaken up to 12 voluntary commitments. These commitments serve to improve the services we offer and our connection with the protected natural space. Likewise, improving our environmental behaviour, as well as supporting local development and heritage conservation.

Some examples highlighting the effects of these commitments are:

  • Provide the taxi with equipment for transporting bikes.
  • Training in efficient driving.
  • Make a small hand-crafted drum to give to special customers.

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