The Wolf and the moon

Nocturnal experience in order to get to know the world of the Iberian Wolf in its natural habitat during the moonlit night throughout the high peaks and mountains of the Muniellos-Fuentes del Narcea Biosphere Reserve.

During a week when the moon brights enough to walk in the mountains without flashlights or headlamps, Natur’s guides will transport you to a mountain area to take a short walk between 10 pm. and 1:30 am. approximately.

We will try to listen to the howl of the packs besides talking about the wolf’s biology, its behavior and its conservation issues. We will also learn as well some basic knowledge of astronomy.


Muniellos-Fuentes del Narcea Biosphere Reserve

Duration: 3 hours


50 € per person (1 person), 30 € per person (groups of 2 or 3 people) y 25 € per person (groups of 4 people or more).

Group size: Between 1 and 20 people.

Period: Winter, Spring and Autumn

Detailed programme:

  • Pickup at the accommodation at 10 pm.
  • Nocturnal walk around the mountains and the high peaks of the Biosphere Reserve.
  • Return to the accommodation around 1:30 am.

What is included?:

  • Travel expenses during the activity and pickup and return service to the accommodation.
  • Guide.
  • Insurances.
  • Flask of coffee.

What is not included?:

Travel expenses to the meeting point.

Collaborating companies:

NATUR Naturaleza y Turismo

Commitment to biodiversity conservation:

Natur actively cooperates with FAPAS (Fund for the Protection of Wild Animals) and with GECA (Cangués Ecologist Group “Azor”)


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