Tierra del Agua

Tierra del Agua

The Ecotourism Centre in Redes Natural Park opened in April 2013. It was a bid for architecture that respects the environment, blending in with it and rejecting the conventional. A new concept, it is an extraordinary and relaxing sensory experience. It is a place for rest and contemplation, with a spa and exceptional views, but also the starting point for a wide range of nature trails. And, of course, it is a place to enjoy the delicacies of Asturian cuisine.

You will find all this and more, including the comfort and luxury of our apartments. They are based on a Nordic design, with enclosed balconies that blend into the landscape and meticulous attention to detail.

Tierra del Agua Homes has 14 apartments, divided into three categories:

  • Three 80 to 100 m² suites for 4 people
  • One Family Suite – a 70 m² duplex for 4 people;
  • Ten 30 to 35 m² Junior Suites for two people

Services and facilities:

  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Winery
  • Panoramic terraces
  • Mountain picnics
  • Wellness (spa, Nordic bath, infinity pool, massages, yoga, mindfulness)

Live music with Asturian artists: Vermouth & Music sessions.

Type of accommodation

  • Tourist apartments


Maximum capacity of 50 people


We are located at the heart of Redes Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve:

  • Arrudos Gorge
  • Lake Ubales
  • Brañagallones (land of a thousand huts)
  • Taballón waterfall
  • Collegiate Church of Santa María La Real de Tanes
  • Pozo Sotón coal mine


Facilities accessible but not adapted for people with limited mobility


  • 2-bed apartments: from €89-149/night bed and breakfast
  • 4-bed apartments: from €139-219/night bed and breakfast


English and Italian

Quality and/or sustainability practices & awards

  • Company certified by the Ecotourism Club in Spain
  • Mesas de Asturias. Gastronomic Excellence

Company’s commitment to conservation of biodiversity and local development

Tierra del Agua has been committed to ecotourism from the start in terms of its creation, design, and good practices. It has two objectives: to give a twist to traditional rural tourism to make it something experiential, and to be a Destination Ambassador – a tourism initiative that links tourists and business owners, boosts the economy, and encourages people to stay in the area. Furthermore:

  • We are strongly committed to local products, which we always use in our breakfasts and offered food, as well as displaying it for guests to buy.
  • We organise the Agua Market, an initiative to promote the work of local producers and craftspeople, with part of the proceeds going to the Brown Bear Foundation.
  • We work in collaboration with Asturian agri-food and artisan business owners. E.g., 1st edition of the Agua Market.

We began signing collaboration agreements as subtenants or intermediaries, acting as guarantors for rentals and making improvements to the houses.


Sonxerru s/n. 33995 Caleao (Caso). Asturias.

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