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Dolphins and Whales in the wild: The best way to observe sea life.

Friendly, free, playful, the dolphins and whales allow themselves to be seen for the delight of visitors. Fulfilling the agreements for responsible watching allows these specimens to be seen in their natural habitat, without barriers, with the Atlantic Ocean as the boundary.

Another way of discovering the island is from the sea, discovering hidden beaches and coves and tasting the food made and served with sustainability as the main ingredient.

Food prepared and served with the strictest quality and sustainability standards.

Whale Watching in La Gomera

Throughout our Whale Watching Tour off the coast of La Gomera, we have great opportunities and a very high chance of spectacular sightings of marine animals. It is rare that we are not lucky enough to sight cetaceans such as spotted dolphins, common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, rough-toothed dolphins and pilot whales. Sometimes we even find sperm whales, Bryde’s whales, Blainville’s whales, and sea turtles.

Los Órganos

Accompany us to the North of the island, to Los Órganos – tremendous basalt pillars of volcanic origin, visible only from the sea. On this tour, we will float along the coast while enjoying lovely views of beautiful valleys, high cliffs and secret beaches.

Whale Watching with Speedy Adventure

The experience of sailing on this type of boat, feeling the breeze, just a few metres from the surface of the sea and with infinite visibility is essential for those who want to enjoy an activity in the water.


Puerto de Vueltas, s/n. 38872. Valle Gran Rey. La Gomera. Canary Islands. Spain.

Geographical coordinates: Lat. 28.081543; Long. -17.332790

Accreditations (quality and/or sustainability)

European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas (EUROPARC Federation).

Action area

  • Garajonay National Park.
  • La Gomera Biosphere Reserve.
  • Santiago – Valle Gran Rey Coastal Belt Special Area of Conservation (SAC).


Spanish, English, Deutsch.


From 40,00 €

General comments

  • Duration: 3 h. // 4 h.
  • Tapas and sangría // Break for lunch.
  • Swimming.
  • From Valle Gran Rey and Puerto Santiago.

Commitment to the biodiversity conservation and/or the protected area

In addition to the basic requirements of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism, our company has additionally undertaken up to 13 voluntary commitments. These commitments serve to improve the services we offer and our connection with the protected natural space. Likewise, improving our environmental behaviour, as well as supporting local development and heritage conservation.

Some examples are:

  • Design new routes for sunrise and sunset.
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • Offer fair trade products in activities.

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