Turismo Astronómico Andalucía

Turismo Astronómico Andalucía

Turismo Astronómico Andalucía is a tourism company that organises astronomy activities in Granada Geopark:

  • Private and group observations
  • Astronomy and astrophotography courses and workshops
  • Courses for astrotourism monitors and guides.
  • Comprehensive advice for astronomy projects.

We run our activities and experiences in the Los Coloraos Astronomy Complex in the Gorafe desert, one of the most unique environments in Granada Geopark, where we combine astronomy teaching with a range of activities based on music, nature, food and art.


All our experiences include:

  • Binoculars
  • Telescope
  • Cameras
  • Guides

Activity area

Astronomical Complex Los Coloraos de Gorafe, in the Geopark of Granada


Our facilities are adapted for people with reduced mobility and functional diversity


From 20€/person


Spanish and English

Quality and/or sustainability practices & awards

  • Company certified by the Ecotourism Club in Spain
  • Certified as a Starlight Camp by the Starlight Foundation

Company’s commitment to conservation of biodiversity and local development

Our goal is to offer astronomy activities in certified locations that guarantee maximum quality as regards accommodation and protecting and conserving the skies:

  • Our facilities are completely self-sufficient, powered by solar energy. 
  • We promote taking special care of the environment, which is reflected in the materials and colours used in the complex
  •  We protect the dark night sky as a necessary good for all living beings and for developing the field of astronomy itself. 
  • We hold monthly charity concerts for various NGOs and associations in the area.


Llano del Cocón, Polígono 3 – Parcela 31, 18890 Gorafe, Granada

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